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Hey lovely peeps! Iā€™m Candace and I am the Webmaster here at

My love for candles started when I was younger and was studying.

During our final college year, we were studying for an exam in our dorm room with a few of my friends when the lights went out.

We were searching everywhere for a candle and the only candle my best friend had was a scented candle. It was lavender and I was immediately in love with it.

NeoCandle art 1

Not only did it provide light for us to study, but the aroma was so pleasant and lovely.

Ever since that night, I was fascinated and (some would say obsessed) with scented candles.

NeoCandle art 2

We took over which was a website around candles and it was owned by a former associate of mine. was born out of love and fascination with candles. We aim to provide valuable information about all sorts of candles, from scented candles to flameless candles to soy candles ā€“ we cover them all.

We always welcome, no, encourage feedback and critisism. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us here!

NeoCandle art 3