What Does Bergamote 22 Smell Like? Discover the Captivating Aroma of this Iconic Fragrance!

Updated on May 2, 2023

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What Does Bergamote 22 Smell Like

Have you ever felt a sense of freedom while smelling something?

Bergamote 22 is a unique blend of essential oils that has the power to bring out your free-spirited side. It is an aroma that many people find intriguing and refreshing.

In this article, we'll explore what bergamote 22 smells like and how it can bring out feelings of freedom. Bergamote 22 is a fragrance created by renowned perfumer Le Labo, who takes pride in crafting unique scents for both men and women. It has become a popular scent for those who are looking for something new, yet familiar; something that captures the essence of wanderlust and exploration.

So, what does bergamote 22 smell like? Let's take a closer look!

Bergamote 22's Unique Fragrance

Bergamote 22 is a fragrance that can be described as an olfactory escape.

It's like opening a window and letting in the fresh, citrusy breeze of the Mediterranean.

As you inhale, Bergamote 22's sweet bergamot top note brings to mind oranges and lemons, along with soft floral undertones.

This delightful combination creates an aroma that is both invigorating and calming - the perfect scent to bring any room alive.

The captivating middle notes of cardamom, nutmeg, jasmine, and neroli provide a spicy yet gentle depth that uplifts the soul.

All of these elements come together to form a fragrance that can truly transport you to another world.

Notes That Make Up Bergamote 22

Bergamote 22 is a unique fragrance that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. It has an unmistakable citrus scent, hinting at bergamot orange and lemon, with a subtle floral undertone. This blend of bright citrus and delicate florals creates a light yet complex fragrance that everyone can enjoy.

The top notes in Bergamote 22 are composed of bergamot orange, lemon, and petitgrain. These zesty ingredients create a freshness that is both energizing and invigorating.

As the scent develops, notes of rosemary, geranium, and jasmine emerge to add a layer of floral sweetness to the mix.

Finally, base notes of musk, ambergris lend warmth to complete this delightful fragrance.

The complex combination of citrusy-floral notes in Bergamote 22 creates an aroma that is captivatingly unique yet familiar. With its bright top notes and gentle bottom notes, this scent can be enjoyed by both men and women alike – no matter what season it is!

Transitioning seamlessly from day to night or indoors to outdoors, Bergamote 22 allows you to experience the essence of the Mediterranean wherever you go.

Benefits Of Bergamote 22 Fragrance

Bergamote 22 is an alluring fragrance that captures the senses in a delightful way. It has a light, citrusy scent with hints of bergamot, lemon, and orange that create an uplifting aroma. The addition of sweet florals like geranium and rose give it a unique touch that's both energizing and calming.

When wearing Bergamote 22, you can instantly feel its positive effects on your mood and attitude. Here are three top benefits of this delightful scent:

Overall, Bergamote 22 is an exquisite fragrance that can bring out the best in you. Its light, citrusy scent will lift your spirits while its sweet florals will help to provide balance. Whether you want to relax or be energized, Bergamote 22 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to feel their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Origin Of Bergamote 22?

Bergamote 22 is a citrusy, uplifting fragrance with a wealth of history. It was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and has its origins in the south of France.
Bergamote 22 is a modern spin on the classic eau de cologne scent, which dates back to 18th century Germany.
The bergamot fruit used as an ingredient in this fragrance comes from the Calabrian region of Italy and is known for its tart and slightly sweet aroma.
This unique blend of ingredients creates a fragrant bouquet that's sure to leave an impression.

How Long Does Bergamote 22 Last On The Skin?

The longevity of bergamote 22 on the skin is remarkable.
Take the case of Diane, who applied the scent before heading out for a day-long meeting and was still able to detect its aroma late in the evening.
Bergamote 22's subtle yet alluring aroma is designed to stay on your skin for hours, allowing you to enjoy a unique citrusy scent like no other.
So if you're looking for a long-lasting fragrance that will make you stand out from the crowd, Bergamote 22 is it!

Is Bergamote 22 Suitable For All Skin Types?

Bergamote 22 is a great fragrance for everyone, regardless of skin type.
It's carefully crafted with all types of skin in mind, so you can be sure it won't cause any irritation or sensitivity.
Plus, the unique blend of bergamot, green tea and cedarwood makes it a refreshing scent that'll last all day.
So whether you have dry or oily skin, Bergamote 22 has got you covered!

Is Bergamote 22 An All-Natural Fragrance?

Bergamote 22 is like a refreshing breeze of freedom.
It's an all-natural fragrance that brings the feeling of liberation to your senses.
With notes of citrus, rose and musk, it's like a breath of fresh air that captures the essence of nature.
Whether you're looking for a bold statement or something subtle, Bergamote 22 has something for everyone.

Is Bergamote 22 Gender-Specific?

No, Bergamote 22 is not gender-specific. It's a unisex fragrance that smells of bergamot, orange blossom and vetiver.
The scent is sweet and spicy, with a hint of woodsy musk to round out the complexity. Bergamote 22 has been crafted to evoke a sense of freedom no matter who wears it, making it the perfect choice for anyone who's looking for an all-natural fragrance that everyone can enjoy.


Bergamote 22 is an intriguing scent that captures the essence of sunny citrus and woodsy spice. It's a perfect blend of nature and sophistication, making it suitable for all genders and skin types.

The scent has staying power too - you can expect to smell the subtle notes of bergamot, cardamom, and cedarwood for hours after application.

Overall, Bergamote 22 is a crowd pleaser that won't break the bank - it's definitely worth giving it a try if you're looking to add some zest to your fragrance wardrobe.

As they say, 'when life gives you lemons, make Bergamote 22!' ... and enjoy the citrusy scent that lasts all day!

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