Best Diptyque Candles - Popular Scents Reviewed 2024

Updated on November 16, 2022

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Best Diptyque Candles - Reviews And Buying Guide [UPDATED 20240]

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Short on time?

Our recommended Diptyque candle is the  Diptyque Coloured Candle Feu De Bois!

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There are luxury lifestyle brands like Diptyque, and then there are brands like those. The fragrance atelier that is now located in Paris was established in 1961, and it wasn't until 1963 that they started making their now-iconic scented candles.

Diptyque candles are unmistakable status symbols in today's society. You can spot them perched atop fireplace mantels, bathroom countertops, and bedroom vanities of virtually every fashionable person you come across.

Even though they have a higher price point than the typical wax stick — they cost $38 for the mini 2.4-ounce size and $70 for the 6.5-ounce size — they are still within a reasonable budget for giving holiday gifts.

Diptyque candles are the ideal present to give to anyone, including your mother, your best friend, your significant other, or even a stylish person you'd like to get to know better.

If you've ever been at a loss for what to give to any of these people, a Diptyque candle with lots is the answer.

Here is a list of 3 of the most popular and highly regarded candles produced by Diptyque, each of which has a distinctive and alluring aroma.

Our list of the best Diptyque candles (Updated 2024)

1. Diptyque Coloured Candle Feu De Bois - Editor's Choice

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This scent conjures images of a chilly winter afternoon curled by the fire. The smell of Feu de Bois has an earthy and richly woodsy quality. A natural, earthy aroma permeates the room when you light this candle. Therefore, this might be more to your liking if you are not a fan of funky floral scents.

The Feu de Bois candle has a powerful, lingering scent that spreads throughout your space. The charred wood touch it leaves behind can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere for a night of low-key activities. Additionally, it is an attractive option for the evening of Christmas.

Overall, this Diptyque Candle Scent can be ideal for your living room, as it will diffuse a gorgeously smoky aroma reminiscent of slightly charred wood by the fireplace. However, it is noticeably smaller than the typical scented mini candle produced by Diptyque. If burned for an extended period of time, it can produce an unpleasant smoky odor.



2. Diptyque Figuier Candle - Top Rated

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Since "fig tree" is the literal translation of the term "figuier," this candle by Diptyque is an aromatic investigation into the botanical world. When you inhale deeply from this unisex candle, you will be transported to a fig grove in the Mediterranean, where you can smell the bark and dewy leaves of the trees and the pulp of the late summer months fruit.

It is a very relaxing scent, making you feel calm and peaceful. It is also an excellent choice for the home office, as it creates a calming environment. This is one of the top-rated Diptyque festive candles on



3. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle - Best Selling

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In both its appearance and its fragrance, the Diptyque Baies candle exudes a level of refined sophistication that is unmatched in the industry. This candle from Diptyque is scented with an opulent combination of black currant leaves and Bulgarian roses. This combination gives the scented candle an unusual aroma due to its use. It has a floral quality but also a unique twist. The layout is straightforward.

Whether elaborate or straightforward, your home's interior design will benefit from adding a beautiful white jar. You can also repurpose the pot as a pencil holder or a case for your paintbrushes. Because the fragrance of the Baies scented candle with basil is mild and understated, it is an excellent choice for use in the workplace or at the side of the bed because it can simultaneously relax and inspire you without overwhelming your ability to smell it.

Even though this scented candlelight can be enjoyed for a considerable time, it is not suitable for large rooms or bathrooms. This delicate scent can be easily masked by more pungent odors, such as food or shampoo, rendering it undetectable.



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 How to choose the best Diptyque candle? 

Let's take a step-by-step approach to go over the factors that should play into your decision:

1. Your use of candle

Before you even go to the store or look at the options online, you should consider where you will use your size candle.

This decision should come before anything else. When it comes to selecting the ideal scented candle, the style of the room, its furnishings, and its dimensions are all critical factors.

If you have a large, open living room with a high ceiling, you'll want to choose a unique edition candle with a larger-than-usual diameter and a longer burn time than usual.

If, on the other hand, you plan to place your candle by your bedside, you should choose a scent that is not overbearing but rather calming and mild.

This will make it easier for you to go to sleep. In the end, you should be sure to get scented candles that have a characteristic that is appropriate for your location.

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2. Your preference for fragrance

There are a variety of scents available for candles. There are woody odors, which provide an earthy touch to the space; flower scents, which are perfect for a springtime relaxed day; fresh scents, such as citrus and herbal fragrances; and sweet scents, such as lavender, which calm you down and help you go asleep.

Studying various articles or research to decide which fragrance is ideal for you is unnecessary.

It all comes down to personal preference, how you want to use the sized candle, and what you enjoy most.

Consider the scent you wear most often and find it most satisfying to think about while making your choice.

The fragrance you wear daily might be the same perfume you want to appreciate in your home. As discussed above, it is vital to consider the area available for the candles.

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3. Choosing the candle

After deciding on the ideal scent and the ideal dimensions for the available area and your preferences, the following essential consideration is the form.

Do you like your scented candle to be understated and elegant and able to blend in with a variety of different styles of decor? Or do you choose more unique shapes like candles fashioned like animals? This all depends on your preferences and how you use candles.

An essential jar-scented candle may be the best option for you if you want your candle to fit in with the rest of your décor and create an air of elegance.

Investing in a piece of furniture with a distinctive form may help it stand out amid the rest of your furnishings and help you make a statement.

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Frequently asked questions - FAQs

1. What is so special about Diptyque candles?

These premium candles are made without any potentially hazardous synthetic scent compounds.

Not only does the natural fragrance used in each candle by Diptyque guarantee that the scent will remain consistent over time, but the use of natural components also assures that the candles are risk-free for consumers.

2. Is Diptyque high-end?

The French company Diptyque has dominated the luxury candle market for many years. The firm's history begins on Paris's Boulevard Saint-Germain in 1961, when three artists and friends, Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant, opened a store to sell their creations.

3. Does Diptyque go on sale?

If you've been hoping to stock up on the notoriously expensive cult favorite brand to give as gifts—or keep for yourself—now is your best chance.

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The final verdict

We hope you have enjoyed reading our reviews of the best Diptyque candles and their buying guide. 

Moreover, You can't go wrong with any of the enticing fragrances offered by Diptyque candles since it is a fully functional scented candle from a health perspective. It's high-end and sophisticated. Cotton serves as the wick for this soy-based wax candle.

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The best Diptyque candle 

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The best Diptyque candle is the Diptyque Coloured Candle Feu De Bois, and there are some thoughtful reasons for it.

First,  the woody scent of Feu de Bois is so deep and natural. Second, the smell diffuses quickly, making it suitable for larger areas. And lastly, the blend. You can blend its fragrance with any other scent.

Our #1 Diptyque Candle

 Our number one Diptyque candle is the Diptyque Coloured Candle Feu De Bois because of its woody scent and unstoppable fragrance.

As a runner-up, we also recommend the Diptyque Baies Scented Candle because of its flourishing scent and affordable price.

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