Best Most Expensive Candles - Popular Scents Reviewed 2024

Updated on November 16, 2022

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Most Expensive Candles Of The 2024 - Expert's Reviews

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Short on time?

Our recommended most expensive candle is the DISOK 1st Holy Communion Candle!

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Historiographers believe that ancient Romans invented the first candles, but ancient Egyptians are also credited with the invention of early forms of the burning light source.

Candles in ancient Rome were made by repeatedly submerging tightly rolled papyrus into melted beeswax, while Egyptian designs required reeds to be soaked in animal fat.

Candles made of rice paper were used in ancient China, while the Indians made wax by boiling cinnamon tree fruit. Egypt and Rome were not the only ancient civilizations to use candles.

There is a wide range of prices for contemporary candles, and many luxury brands offer absurdly pricey designs. These pricey candles typically contain unusual components and expensive holders made of materials such as crystal or gold.

Continue reading to find out more information about the most expensive candles that can be purchased.

Our list of the most expensive candles in 2024

1. DISOK 1st Holy Communion Candle - Editor's Choice

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Beeswax that has been organically grown and approved by the USDA may be rather pricey, especially when it has been infused with essential oils that are relatively expensive.

Both of these elements are included in the enormous candle produced by DISOK; as a result, the price of this product is significantly more than that of conventional candles purchased from retail outlets.

It weighs 54 ounces, making it far heavier and more substantial than the typical candle on a tabletop. In addition to this, it has lead and other potentially hazardous materials absent from the cotton wicks that it uses.

As soon as you light these wicks, you'll be able to inhale a complex medley of flower aromas, including gardenia and lilac, amongst others.

Additionally, this candle has a discernible scent of coconut and a touch of amber. 

Why is DISOK so expensive?

Because of its use of high-end components and outstanding craftsmanship, this candle is undoubtedly among the most expensive any candle ever produced.

Those who enjoy flowery odors are likely to find this option appealing because of the distinct and well-constructed layers of aromas that mingle.

Therefore, the price of this candle is determined in part by factors including demand, quality, and size. The fact that this candle is branded with the DISOK name contributes to the fact that it is more expensive than candles made by firms with less widespread recognition.



2. Baobab Gold Collection Candle - Top Rated

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Royal weddings are known for including some of the most extravagant and pricey objects ever created. In 2018, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their marriage, some of the most prominent candlemakers in the world fought with one another for the opportunity to give sophisticated scents at the event.

This Baobab candle came in one of the first places. Not only does it have some of the aromas that are most synonymous with being romantic (rose, jasmine, and peony), but it also has a container made of magnificent gold.

Why is Baobab so expensive? 

The rarity of this candle is likely the critical factor contributing to its high price. After all, only twelve of these exclusive limited edition candles were sold to customers, which is pretty challenging.

However, it is essential not to lose sight of quality. Each candle is put into a container that is made of 24-karat gold.

Because gold is one of the rarest and most costly precious metals, the candle's container virtually justifies the purchase price on its own.



3. APOTHEKE Luxury Scented Concrete 4-Wick Jar Candle - Best Selling

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This candle has a sophisticated soy wax inside that is well-complimented by its sleek silver shell, making it a beautiful addition to any tabletop or mantlepiece.

The thick concrete 4-wick completes the look of this candle.

Gardenia flowers and palo santo incense combine to create an intense fragrance from this enormous candle.

In addition, it gives out a flowery and woodsy perfume at the same time, which may revitalize any environment.

If you have one of the most expensive lighters in the world, lighting this tall black candle might give you an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, be sure to consider enhancing the value of your investment by purchasing an elegant firestarter.

Why is APOTHEKE so expensive? 

This enormous candle weighs 72 ounces and has a fragrance that lingers for hours, if not weeks, at a time.

When empty, it may also be used as a beautiful flower vase. Because of this, the candle may be used for various purposes, even after the wax has been completely consumed.

The massive size of this candle isn't the only thing that makes it a valuable treasure; the aroma is also of outstanding quality.

The perfume of this candle is sure to captivate you if you find the aroma of freshly cut gardenia flowers irresistible.

To summarize, the potential longevity of this candle, along with its intense perfume, may make it an excellent value for the money.



Why Are Some Candles Extremely Expensive? 

Now that we've shown you some of the most costly candles, you may be wondering why some candles cost thousands of dollars while others cost just about twenty dollars, given that we've shown you some of the most expensive ones.

Candle prices are affected by several different variables, the most significant of which are as follows:

Let's take a minute to analyze these criteria in further depth to explain why the candles sold in regular grocery stores are often a great deal less expensive than those listed in this ranking.

1. Branding

The reputation of a company's brand is one of the most important variables determining its products' costs.

For instance, one of the reasons that items with the Gucci brand name are priced so high is that the Gucci brand name is synonymous with luxury!

Candles are subject to the same conceptualization. The excellent reputation and quality of the products produced by the industry's most prestigious candle manufacturers allow such businesses to command much higher rates for their wares.

And just like luxury apparel businesses, many of the most expensive candle brands worldwide have limited-edition goods available for purchase.

Another factor that contributes to increased costs is the creation of artificial scarcity.

2. Rarity

If there is a steady demand for an item but only a limited supply, then the price of that thing will naturally be more significant.

For instance, many of the rarest and most costly candles are produced in limited quantities, which contributes to their price.

Due to their scarcity, they command a higher price, mainly when there is a rise in demand from customers.

When you include the higher candle quality, the only thing that happens is that costs go up.

3. High-quality material

The value of many of the most expensive candles in the world comes from the high quality of the materials used, in addition to the reputation of the brand and the rarity of the item.

These high-end materials can be expensive candle components (like vetiver essential oil) or high-quality candle containers.

It should come as no surprise that the base price for these materials is relatively high, which results in an increased total cost.

It is also important to note that candles containing high-quality oils typically produce more potent scents that last longer.

The price of a candle can be affected not only by its size but also by the strength of its aroma!

 4. The potency of the odor

The intensity of a candle's aroma can affect its price, just as it does with many of the most expensive perfumes in the world.

Candles with scents that can last longer and permeate larger areas typically command higher prices on the market than candles with less potent scents.

You should also read our article about the best Bath & Body Works candles that you can buy in 2024. 

Frequently asked questions - FAQs

1. What is the most expensive part of candle making?

Fragrance oil is the most expensive part of candle making.

2. Can you get decadent selling candles?

If done correctly, selling candles can be a lucrative business. Some candlemakers can even make a living solely from selling their candles, so it's not just a hobby that can bring in extra cash.

3. Buying expensive candles worth it?

Furthermore, the more excellent melting point of luxury items like modern candles results in a slower burn time. Since it takes longer to melt than the conventional ones, the higher price is justified.

The final verdict

We hope you like our picks of the most expensive candles you can buy in 2024. Although, none of the candles included in this article is from an antique background or history, auctioning for millions of pounds. We only shortlisted the manufacturers who are still making those candles.

Moreover, we have also discussed some reasons why some candles are so expensive and why people buy them. Happy Candling! 

The most expensive candle of 2024

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The most expensive candle of 2024 is the DISOK 1st Holy Communion Candle because of the hypnotizing fragrance of the candle that spreads through the space all around and stays there for days after the candle has been burned. Secondly, the high-quality wax used to make this candle increases its burn time to 5-6 days. Lastly, the overall candle, a white jar with a wooden stopper, brings us back to the 90s and early 20s, when we lit up the room with candles. 

Our #1 Most Expensive Candle Of 2024

Our number one most expensive candle is the DISOK 1st Holy Communion Candle because of its aroma and burning style.

As a runner-up, we recommend the Baobab Gold Collection Candle because of its beautifully designed gold candle jar and elegant scent. 

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