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Best Yankee Candles – Popular Scents Reviewed 2022

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Best Yankee Candles Of 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Short on time?

Our recommended best Yankee candle is the Yankee Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle!

Because there are so many choices, selecting the best scents for Yankee candles is not the most straightforward task; however, we have done the hard work of narrowing them down. (There’s nothing else we do but give!)

Increasingly, we’ve focused on making our homes as cozy as possible, which has resulted in the candle industry experiencing a significant boom in recent years.

We have concluded that the best-scented candles are the ideal way to achieve that “hygge” atmosphere.

The atmosphere of a room can be transformed entirely by introducing a new scent, and after a long day of work, there is nothing more relaxing than gazing into the warm glow of a flickering candle.

When we are having trouble forgetting our problems, all we need is a nice glass of wine or one of the top meditation apps available, and a lovely warm candle will do the trick instantly.

We’ve selected a few fragrances that you need to add to your collection, including Clean Cotton and Lemon Lavender, to assist you in making your own home feel more welcoming to guests.

Shout out to these two fragrances in particular! (And yes, you will undoubtedly want to learn how to make candles last longer with these delectable options.)

Our list of the best Yankee candle scents (Updated 2022)

1. Yankee Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle – Editor’s Choice

There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Well, maybe there is something better than that, but let’s go with the fact that Yankee Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle smells incredible.

This candle is filled with authentic holiday scents that will bring warmth and joy to any home. It’s housed in a classic glass jar with a lid, which preserves the smell for years to come.

You’ll instantly notice the warm, sweet aroma filling the room when you light this candle. It’s the scent that will remind you of the holidays yearly.

If you’re looking for a candle that brings the family together, this is the one for you. It’s a Yankee Candle exclusive, so you don’t have to worry about finding it elsewhere.


  • Long-lasting
  • Cozy scent


  • Candle jar is not durable 

2. Yankee All is Bright Large Jar Candle – Top Rated

If you’re looking for a Yankee candle that smells good but doesn’t care about the price tag, this is the one for you.

This large jar candle is filled with a rich scent of fresh orange peel, lemon zest, and grapefruit rind. It’s a bright, uplifting scent that fills any space with a sweet, fruity aroma.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone who likes citrus scents, especially since it lasts longer than most candles. So whether you’re relaxing after a hard day at work or enjoying a romantic evening with your loved ones, this candle will bring a smile to your face every time you light it.

Plus, it’s available in three different sizes, making it easier to find the right fit for your home.


  • Best for feminines
  • Light scent


  • The scent can be too light for you

3. Yankee Christmas Garland Large Jar Candle – Best Selling

This Yankee Christmas Garland Large Jar Candle is the perfect scent for the holiday season.

Its rich blend of fresh-cut pine branches, zesty cranberries, and warm vanilla beans creates a festive atmosphere throughout the holidays.

Its authentic ingredients and premium wax deliver a clean, consistent, room-filling aroma. Burn time is up to 150 hours.

The candle is housed in a glass jar with a lid to preserve the fragrance. A removable label allows you to customize the look of the Yankee candle’s shape.

The wick is straightened and centered for a clean, even burning experience. The cotton wick is 100 percent natural fiber and burns evenly.


  • Perfect gift for Christmas
  • Warm scent


  • When it initially lits up, it has a weird spicy scent.

4. Yankee Black Cherry Large Jar Candle

If you’re a farmer, chances are you spend most of your day outside working hard to grow food. So why would you want to smell like farm animals?

Yankee Candles’ Black Cherry Large Jar Candle is exactly what farmers need to give off the scent of fresh fruit and sweet cherry blossoms.

This candle form is made with authentic ingredients and premium wax to provide a clean, consistent, room-filling aroma. Plus, it burns up to 5-6 days, making it ideal for any space.

When you light this candle, you’ll notice the scent immediately. It’s a combination of fresh black cherries and sweet vanilla beans.

Because this candle is made with natural ingredients, it’s safe for children and pets. And since it’s housed in a traditional glass jar with a lid, it preserves the fragrance for years to come.

So go ahead and light up some Yankee Candles today. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like fresh cherries?


  • Fruity scent
  • Excellent longevity


  • Declined in the quality of the smell for 6 months

5. Yankee Vanilla Cupcake Large Jar Candle

This Yankee Vanilla Cupcake Large Jar Candle smells exactly like the real thing. It’s the perfect scent for any occasion.

This is the candle for you if you want something sweet and comforting. It’s packed full of vanilla scents with hints of lemon and buttery icing.

The Yankee Vanilla Cupcake, Large Jars Candles, are available in three sizes: 8 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz. They’re housed in classic glass jars with lids, which helps preserve the scent and keeps the candles safe during storage.

These candles are made using premium quality materials, including authentic ingredients and premium-grade paraffin wax. The wicks are straightened and centered, ensuring that every candle burns evenly.

They’re also packaged in a reusable container designed to last for years. So whether you’re baking a cake for a friend’s birthday or lighting a clean candle scent for a romantic evening, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most out of your money.


  • Value for money
  • Best for chefs


  • Some buyers found bubbling in it

How to choose the best Yankee candle?

Your choice of favorite candle aroma is personal, like food, drink, or perfume. Depending on your tastes and the mood you intend to create, gentle smells can be categorized into a few categories.

Yankee often combines various perfume categories to create more complex fragrances.

The most prevalent are:

  • Fruity: Fruit-forward candles smell like fresh fruits, as the name says. Depending on the type of fruit, there are a few sub-categories, with citrus (think lemon, grapefruit, and lime) being the most popular for its zingy, refreshing character. If you want something delicate, try peach or red berries.
  • Spiced: Spiced smells like notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are great for winter. They add warmth and richness in winter without being excessively sweet, sour, or fresh.
  • Clean: Most cleaning solutions have fruity or flowery odors, but Yankee Candle is recognized for its “clean” fragrances, which mimic freshly washed clothing. This is a neutral, agreeable perfume without much individuality.
  • Sweet: Sweet Yankee candle smells are based on bare kitchen essentials like vanilla, frosting, and cookies. Avoid if you don’t like sweets.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

1. What is so special about a Yankee Candle?

The Yankee Candle is popular since it is well-made to endure for a long time and has a consistently effective wick.

Yankee Candles have a long burn life and burn evenly. Due to their all-natural construction, Yankee Candles consume less fuel per hour than their synthetic counterparts.

2. Why do Yankee Candles burn black?

Soot, a powdery black material composed of tiny carbon particles emitted from the wonderful candle flame during incomplete combustion, can accumulate inside candle jars and cause them to turn black.

3. Can you burn a Yankee Candle all day?

Candles have a maximum four-hour burn time. After four hours of burning, candles should be put out, given two hours to cool, and then trimmed before being used again.

Use the half-inch rule as a general guideline. When half an inch of wax is still in the container, you should stop using the candle.

The final verdict 

We hope you have enjoyed our reviews of the best Yankee candles you can buy in 2022. Don’t make yourself bound to only these Yankee candles.

We have also written a buyer’s guide for exploring and choosing the best Yankee candles. But we assure you that you will never regret trusting any Yankee candles from our list. 

Moreover, we have also written an article about the best Bath & Body Works candles in 2022. You should also read this article.

The best Yankee candle

The best Yankee candle of 2022 is the Yankee Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle.

Our #1 Yankee candle 

Our number one Yankee candle is the Yankee Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle because of its cozy and long-lasting scent.

As a runner-up, we recommend the Yankee All is Bright Large Jar Candle because of its longevity and price. 

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