What Does A Blown-Out Candle Smell Like?

Updated on December 10, 2022

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What Does A Blown-out Candle Smell Like?

When you light a candle, you should expect to smell burnt plastic. But if you blow out the candle, you won't smell anything at all. So, if you want to enjoy the scent of burning wax without smelling burnt plastic, blow out your candle instead of lighting it.

A blown-out candle smells like burnt plastic. You might think that sounds gross, but it actually isn't. Burning candles produce a lot of smoke, which is why they tend to smell bad. However, if you blow out a candle, there's no longer any smoke, so the scent disappears.

Why Does A Candle Smoke After It Has Been Extinguished?

There are several reasons why a candle might smoke after it has been extinguished. One reason is that there may not be enough oxygen in the room to burn the wick completely. Another possibility is that the flame was too big and burned down too far.

Still another possibility is that the wax melted and dripped onto the floor. Whatever the cause, if you notice that your candle smokes after it has been extinguished, try blowing it out again. You should find that it doesn't smoke anymore.

How Do I Extinguish A Candle?

Candles are great for creating ambiance at parties, events, and celebrations. However, candles can be dangerous if not properly extinguished after use. Here are some tips to keep in mind when extinguishing a candle:

• Never leave burning candles unattended.

• Always place candles away from flammable materials.

• Don't burn candles near curtains, furniture, or anything else that may catch fire.

How Not To Extinguish A Candle?

Don't try to blow out the flame using only your mouth. You may end up burning your lips instead. Instead, gently blow on the wick until the flame goes out.

Never use water to extinguish a candle; it could cause the wax to melt and drip onto the floor. Instead, use a dry cloth or paper towel.

1. Avoid Blowing Them Out

Blown-out candles are not only annoying, but they can also cause serious burns if touched. You should never blow out a candle unless you absolutely have to.

Instead, gently tap the wick until it goes out. Doing this will prevent any wax from dripping onto your hands and causing a burn.

2. It Is Not Advisable To Cover The Candle With Its Lid

Never cover the candle with its candle lid. Doing so may cause the wax inside to harden and become difficult to remove.

The last thing you want is to blow out your candle and have the smell of smoke destroy your sumptuous ambiance after a decadent evening with your favorite candle fragrances.

3. Don't Put Out Your Candle With Your Fingers

Blow gently at the wick until the flame goes out. Hold the candle upside down and tap the bottom of the glass container lightly.

This method works great if you accidentally knocked over your luxury candle and spill wax on your hand. You won't burn yourself, and you'll still have plenty of wax left to enjoy your next candlelit dinner party.

4. Candle Snuffers

There are several ways to extinguish a candle without blowing it out. You can blow it out with a fan, blow it out with a hair dryer, or simply snuff it out with your fingers.

However, if you try to extinguish a candle using any of those methods, you may end up blowing out the wick instead.

5. Candle Wick Dippers

To avoid this problem, try using candle wick dippers instead of dipping your candles directly into the container. Candlewick dippers are made specifically for candle holders. They come in various sizes and shapes, making it easier to hold multiple candles at once.

How Do You Put Out Scented Candles?

Place the baking soda box and candles in a partially sealed space. Baking soda will act to lessen the scent of the candle, just as it may be used to neutralize odors in your refrigerator.

1. Candle Snuffers

Candle snuffers are small devices that fit inside a candle jar and extinguish candles without burning down the wick. These handy little gadgets are available online and in most hardware stores.

2. Candle Wick Dippers

To avoid this problem, you should keep your candles away from heat sources and open windows. You can also try blowing out the flame using a fan or blowtorch. But sometimes, the only solution is to replace the wick.

Can The Lid Be Used To Extinguish Candles?

Candle wax drips down onto the lid of a candle, causing it to smolder and smoke. Can the lid be used to extinguish candles?

You can also use a hair dryer to extinguish a candle. However, if you use a hair dryer, you may damage the wick. A safer option is to use a match or lighter to extinguish a candle flame.

Why Do Candles Have Lids?

This is where the lid comes in handy. By covering the wick, the wax stays soft and liquid until it melts away.

Once melted, the wax flows down the wick and ignites at the base of the wick. You can now enjoy your favorite scented candles without worrying about burning yourself.

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