Can You Scent A Candle With Perfume? Find Out Here!

Updated on June 13, 2021

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Is It Bad To Scent A Candle With Perfume? - Our Guide!

If you've got a favorite perfume which you love to wear every day, you might have wondered why you can't scent a candle with perfume to fill your home with your scent. 

Is It Bad To Scent A Candle With Perfume?

Scenting a candle with perfume is not recommended for a few reasons, one is that it is a fire hazard and the second is that they are full of chemicals which can burn off and cause health risks.

Down below, we've discussed in more detail why you should not use perfume to scent a candle, the difference between fragrance oils and perfume, how to add scent to candles and our recipe for making one!

Why You Shouldn't Use Perfume To Scent Candles

Although you might be tempted to use your favourite perfume for scenting candles, it is not a good idea and is potentially dangerous too. 

We've listed the main reasons why you shouldn't use perfume to scent candles below.

Fragrance Vs Essential Oils For Making Candles 

When making a scented candle, you can use either fragrance oil or essential oil, many perfumed candle companies prefer fragrance oil however since they tend to be stronger and last longer.

Essential oils are a great natural scent for scented candles if you want to avoid synthetic fragrances and even have aromatherapy health benefits, the downfalls of them however are that they are not as strong as a candle fragrance oil. 

Fragrance oil is most preferred in high-quality candle making since it is stronger, has a wider range of candle scents and is cheaper too. That being said, it is not natural, so if you are after aromatherapy effects it's better to choose essential oils.

The Best Ways To Add Scent To Candles 

If you have some fragrance or essential oil at home, you can use it to add scents to your candle rather than real perfume. 

We've listed some of the best ways to add fragrance to ready-made candles below. 

Try Wax Beads 

If you have some wax beads, you can easily make your quick candle with a scent of your choice.

Simply choose your candle jar, essential oil and a wick then pour the beads into a container, leaving an inch of room at the top and the wick should be around an inch above the beads.

Add in your desired scent, this could be between 5-10 drops according to how strong you want the fragrance to be, let it rest for 24 hours so that the fragrance can be absorbed and enjoyed!

Use Fragrance Drops 

If you have a bottle of fragrance oil you can use this to add scent to a pre-existing candle, simply light the candle and allow a small pool of wax to form around the wick. 

Blow the candle out then around 5 drops of your fragrance oil, allow the candle to cool and harden then light again and enjoy your new scented candle!

Add Scented Cubes 

Scented wax cubes can be added easily into candles, pick your scented wax cube, light up the candle till a pool of wax forms then crumble the wax into candles till it melts. 

How To Make A Scented Candle

Now we know using perfume in a scented candle is a bad idea, you might be wondering how to make your scented candle at home. 

How To Make A Scented Candle

We've taken you through the candle-making process to help you out below. 



  1. Start by chopping your wax then set up your double boiler and add the wax to the top, keep an eye on the temperature of the wax with a thermometer. 
  2. Next add in your oil once the wax has melted, around 30ml for a cup size candle then take off the heat. Insert your wick into a candle mould then pour in the mould and keep it 2cm from the top.
  3. Trim the wick then and allow the candle to set for 24 hours before lighting.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scenting Candles With Perfume

Do all aromatic candles use fragrance oil?

Most strong-smelling candles use fragrance oil for a better throw, essential oils are mostly used in weaker-smelling candles.

Can I use coconut body oil in candles?

Coconut oil can indeed be blended into the wax of the candle but we would not suggest doing so with body coconut oil since it can often contain other ingredients.

What essential oils make woody candle scents?

The best essential oil to use for a woody scent is Cedarwood essential oil, you can also mix it with sandalwood or patchouli for a woody scent.

Are paraffin candles bad for you?

Paraffin candles can be bad for you due to the fact they contain chemicals since they are derived from petroleum. 

What candle jar should I use for making candles?

If you are making your candle we suggest using glass for the job or tea cups since they are stronger.

Can I put perfumes in wax melts?

It is a bad idea to put perfume in wax melts since they are flammable, you can use fragrance oils or essential oil instead.

Which candles smell like designer perfume?

If you want to fill your home with a designer perfume smell you can use scents such as the Coleshill collection candles or wix 'n' scents. 

How do I add scent to candles?

The easiest way to add fragrance to a candle is by putting a few fragrance drops into a candle after lighting it and allowing the wax to melt around the wick.

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Last Words

Overall, you should not scent a candle with perfume since it is flammable, perfumes also contain chemicals that are not healthy to breathe in and will result in a smoky smell. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Scenting Candles With Perfume

To scent candles we suggest using essential oil or fragrance oils which will give pleasant smells to a scented candle, you can do this by adding oil to the melted wax or making your own scented oil at home!

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