Can You Light Candles In A Hotel? Find Out Here!

Updated on January 3, 2023

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Can You Light Candles In A Hotel?

Are you considering lighting a candle in the room you're staying in at the hotel? You may want to make your room more of a romantic atmosphere, or maybe you want to give your temporary living area a little facelift. But regardless of which option you choose, you might be wondering if you will be permitted to light the candle in your room.

Before you even think of striking a match to light a candle, I will give you all the information you want in this post.

Can you light candles in a hotel? In most hotels, lighting candles is strictly prohibited inside the guest rooms. Even if your hotel does not have a policy that expressly forbids you from burning candles, you should nevertheless exercise extreme caution since there is always the possibility that you will start a fire or cause damage to the hotel's property.

What Do Hotels Say About Lightning Candles?

Our research team reached out to many hotels belonging to various chains and brands, including Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, and others, to enquire about their regulations regarding the burning of a single candle in hotel rooms.

Most hotels clarified that guests could not light candles inside their rooms. On the other hand, certain accommodations provided us with more of a "softer" no, which meant that they would not actively discourage visitors from burning scented candles but that doing so was not strictly forbidden.

As a result, I anticipate that most hotels will frown against bringing types of candles into your room and lighting them there. If you are permitted to the modern candle light and decide to do so, I suggest you consider all of the abovementioned considerations.

Moreover, we have also written a detailed article on lighting scented candles in a hotel.

What Are The Possible Wrongs That Can Happen If You Light A Candle In A Hotel Room? 

If you light a candle in a hotel room, several potential problems could occur. Here are five possibilities:

What Are The Alternatives To Candles You Can Use In A Hotel Room?

There are several alternatives to candles that you can use in a hotel room:

1. Flameless candles

A flameless candle is your best bet if you only want to infuse a little touch of romance into your hotel room, as compared to an open-flame candle. You may purchase numerous sorts, but it is not hard to get battery-operated candles that will allow you to set the atmosphere without setting off the fire alarm. These candles are a great option for people who are concerned about safety.

2. Wax warmer

Utilizing a wax warmer is yet another option before bringing your favorite candles. A wax warmer is a device that burns frequent wax but does not typically have a wick and is consequently flameless. Wax warmers may be purchased at most candle brands. They can be a less explosive choice than a candle, meaning it would make more sense to use these in a hotel room provided that they are authorized to do so, presuming they are allowed.

3. Essential oil diffuser

You might want to consider getting an essential oil diffuser if you're searching for something that's not too difficult to operate. These may be reasonably priced, and all they need to function well is water and an electrical outlet. You may choose to have the odor of your choosing permeated throughout your hotel room in a matter of seconds.


It would appear that most hotels do not allow guests to light candles within their guest rooms due to the obvious risk of sparking a fire. On the other hand, some lodging establishments are more tolerant and don't appear to have an official regulation that forbids you from lighting the candle.

If you decide to light a candle in your hotel room, I strongly advise you to use a great deal of caution to reduce the likelihood of starting a fire there. In addition, you might want to think about some alternative options that are more secure that are discussed in this post.

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