When Can I Light A Candle In Church?

Updated on December 8, 2022

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When Can I Light A Candle In Church?

Candle lighting is popular in many cultural and religious traditions. With that, you may be wondering when it’s appropriate to light a candle in church or other places of worship. The answer depends on the type of place you are visiting.

If you are at a house of God, then you should follow the rules set by your pastor. However, if you are at a secular establishment, such as a restaurant or bar, then you have more freedom to do what you want. You just need to make sure you don’t disturb others who might not appreciate being disturbed.

In case you're wondering when can you light a candle in church, the time and place will depend on one's religion and culture. For example, Catholics usually light candles during Mass and before going to bed. On the other hand, Muslims light candles after sunset. But there are some exceptions. For instance, Christians usually light candles for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, etc.

When Can I Light A Candle In Church?

The best time to light a candle in any place of worship is right before the service begins. This way, people won't feel uncomfortable with the smell. Also, they'll know exactly why you lit the candle.

Candles are also used to mark certain events in history. For example, the first day of school is marked by burning a candle. Similarly, the anniversary of an event is often celebrated by lighting a candle.

History Of Church Candle

The history of candle lighting in churches runs back in time. It was originally done to keep evil spirits away from the congregation. As time went by, the practice became more about worshipping God.

During medieval times, the Catholic Church services banned the use of candles because they were considered pagan. They only allowed them to be lit on Fridays and holy days.

However, the ban didn't last long. By the 16th century, the autonomous Church started allowing candles to be lit in churches. At this point, the purpose of lighting candles had changed. Instead of keeping evil spirits away, people began using them to honor God.

Today, most churches still allow their congregants to light candles. Some even encourage it. For example, the Pope has encouraged Catholics to light candles on Ash Wednesday.

Fun Facts About Candles

When lighting candles, there are several things you need to consider. First, you need to choose the right size. Too big and too small candles will look weird.

Fun Facts About Candles

Second, you need to pick out the right color. White candles are traditional but you can go with whatever color you prefer. Third, you need to buy the right kind of wax. Waxes come in different types depending on how much heat they can withstand.

Here are some other fun facts when lighting candles:

- In ancient Rome, women would light candles to ward off evil spirits.

- A candle represents hope.

- When you light a candle, you are sending prayers up to heaven.

- Lighting a candle is a symbol of peace.

- People use candles to celebrate important dates.

- There are two kinds of candles: taper and pillar. Tapers are thin while pillars are thick.

- To get rid of bad luck, you can burn a black candle.

- To bring good luck, you can burn white ones.

- You can also use incense sticks to create smoke.

Primary Church Candle Types

There are three types of church candles: liturgical, wedding, and candles for home or conciliar church prayer. Let's take a closer look on each types:

Liturgical Candles

This type of church candle is used at religious services. Liturgical candles come in various shapes and sizes. The most common shape is the tallow candle. These candles have a wick that burns slowly.

Moreover, this candle is only used by priest, church workers, s and altar servers during mass. However, you can purchase these candles at your local store.

Wedding Candles

Wedding candles are different and can come with scents. During wedding ceremonies, couples usually light candles as symbols of love and unity.

Wedding Candles

Candles For Home Prayer

These candles are used to pray at home. Unlike liturgical candles, these candles don't have any scents. They are just plain and simple.

You can find these candles at your local stores.

How To Properly Light Church Candles

In case you don't know how to properly light church doors candles, here are some steps you can follow:

Candle For The Repose

If you light a candle for the repose, you'll want to place it on top of an empty glass or vase. This way, the candle won't fall over. You also need to make sure that the candle isn't touching anything else.

Candles For The Living

Lighting a candle for the living needs special attention. If you're lighting a candle for someone who passed away, you should do so from the left side of the person's body.

You can also light a candle for someone who is sick. In this case, you should light it from the right side of the patient's body.

How To Properly Light Church Candles


Why Are Candles Lit In The Church?

Candles are lit in church as a symbol of God's presence. It also helps people feel more comfortable in their surroundings. People started lighting candles in church in the early 1900s.

When Is It Impossible To Light Candles For The Dead?

You can light candles for the dead if it's done within 24 hours after death. Otherwise, you shouldn't light them because it could be considered disrespectful. Also, most people light candles for the dead during All Souls' Day.

Lighting a candle for the dead is also a sign of mourning.

What Should You Do With Candle Ends?

When the candle has reached it's end, you should throw it into the trash bin. You can also save the wax for future projects.

Is It Possible To Light Candles For The Repose Or The Health Of Unbaptized People?

Yes, it's possible to light candles for unbaptized people. However, you should keep in mind that doing so will cause harm to the soul.

Moreover, candle lighting during such ceremonies are essential to the Catholic faith. Other religions also use candles during certain rituals. A good example would be the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah.

How Should You Act At Church When Lighting Candles?

When you're lighting a candle at church, you need to observe certain rules and behaviour in church. First, you should never touch the flame. Second, you should always face the altar when lighting the candle. Lastly, you should hold the candle high above your head. The candle in church remains holy and should be respected at all times.

Where To Place A Lit Candle At Home If There Is No Candlestick?

If you want to light a candle at home and you don't have a candlestick available, you can always use a plate or bowl. Just remember not to put hot food or drinks on the plate or bowl.

Moreover, it's essential to make sure that the plate or bowl doesn't contain any metal. This will prevent the candle from burning out quickly.

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