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Why Does Your Candle Keeps Going Out By Itself?

Why Does Your Candle Keeps Going Out By Itself?

There are several reasons why your candle keeps going out. One reason is that there is too much debris in melted wax. Another reason is that your candle is drowning in a pool of wax. Lastly, your candle was trimmed too short.

To avoid any of these problems, make sure that you trim your wick properly. Also, try using a new wick once in a while to prevent tunneling.

Finally, make sure that your candle isn’t drowning in wax. If you notice that your candle is getting low on wax, simply add more until it reaches the desired height. Here are some useful candle care tips if it is going out:

Wick Was Trimmed Too Short

A candle’s wick is the part of the candle that pulls the melted wax up through the hole in the bottom of the candle. A long wick allows the wax to rise quickly, but if the wick is too short, it won’t pull the wax up fast enough. As a result, the wax will pool below the wick and cause the wooden wick candle to go out automatically.

Trimming the wick too short can cause problems. If the wick is too short, it won’t pull the wax up properly. Instead, it’ll sink into the wax and not draw enough air through the wick. As a result, the wax will pool at the bottom of the container and never reach the tip of the wick.

If the wick is too long, it will burn unevenly and not produce a strong flame. You shouldn’t worry about cutting the wick too long either. Cutting it too long can lead to a fire hazard. If the wick burns too far away from the base of the candle, it can easily ignite nearby materials.

To avoid these issues, trim the wick to between 1/4″ and 1/2″. Keep in mind that the length of the wick depends on the candle size and container. A larger container requires a shorter wick.

Your Candle Has Tunneled

Candles are made of wax, and wax burns at a certain temperature. Once the wax reaches its melting point, it starts to drip down the sides of the container.

As the wax cools, it hardens and creates a solid block that prevents new wax from flowing in. Over time, the wax becomes thicker and harder, until eventually, it forms a tunnel through the middle of the classic candle. It results in the candle going out by itself.

A candle that tunnels is a sign that the wick isn’t burning properly. You should never light a candle if there is no wax pool formed after two hours. A candle that tunnels is usually caused by either a bad wick or a low-quality wax.

This happens because there isn’t enough oxygen flowing in to keep the flame alive. Without enough oxygen, the wax doesn’t heat up fast enough to maintain a steady stream of melted wax. Instead, the wax begins to harden and form a tunnel through the center of the over-scented candle.

To prevent candles from tunneling, make sure that your wicks are long enough to reach the bottom of the container. Also, make sure that your candle recipes are of high quality. Wax that is too soft won’t hold its shape well, and it will cause your candle to the tunnel.

You can avoid candles that tunnel by using a wick that reaches the bottom of the container and buying high-quality wax.

There Is Too Much Debris In Melted Wax

The wick is what actually lights the fire; the wax is what makes the fire burn. If the wick isn’t clean, then the fuel won’t get to the wick. If there is too much stuff floating in the wax, the flame might not stay put. To prevent this, after trimming your wicks, flip them upside down to remove any pieces of burnt wicks before igniting them.

You may think that the candle is drowning in a wax pool, but it’s really the wax that’s drowning the candle. If the wick is dirty, then the fuel doesn’t get to the wicking material. If there are too many pieces of burnt wicks floating in the wax, then the flame won’t stay put.

To avoid this, after trimming the wicks, flip them over to remove any pieces of burned wicks before lighting them. Also, make sure that the wick is clean before lighting the candle. If the wax pool is getting bigger and bigger, then you should probably consider buying a new candle.

The Candle Is Drowning In Wax Pool

Candles are wonderful, but sometimes they burn too fast and end up drowning in a wax pool which results in turning off the candle flame. There are several reasons why candles might burn too fast, including not being able to find a new wick every night, leaving the wick exposed to air, or using a cheap wick.

This is a great tip if you’ve ever had a candle burn down too fast and ended up with a wax pool that extinguished the flame.

Try soaking up some of the excess melted wax with a paper towel or napkin. Once the wax has cooled off a bit, relight the candle and continue until the wick has room to breathe.

Another option is to wrap the candle in aluminum foil to help melt away the hard wax at the edge. Just keep checking on it so it doesn’t burn for too long.



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