How Many Candles On A Menorah?

Updated on December 8, 2022

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How Many Candles On A Menorah?

There are eight main branches that carry the candles, and there's one extra branch that carries the Shammash. The branches must be placed in a straight row, and each branch must be spaced far apart so that none of the flames overlap. The 9th Candle, which holds the Shammash, must be higher or lower than the other candles.

Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday celebrating the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days. One of the most beautiful aspects of this holiday is the menorah, which symbolizes light. In modern times, We start by lighting one menorah candle on each night of Hanukkahs, and a "helper" candle, known as the shammash.

History Behind Menorah Candles

Hanukkah is a holiday celebrated by Jews worldwide. During this celebration, children play games, eat sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), and enjoy gifts given during the festival. One of the most well-known aspects of Hanukkah is lighting the menorah candle.

To commemorate this event, Jewish families light menorah candles to celebrate the miracle of burning oil. Each candle represents a day of the week, and the number of days corresponds to the length of the miracle.

On the eighth night, the miracle ended, and the oil was used up. However, the miracle continued until the following morning, when the oil was replenished.

Meaning Of The Menorah Candles

Hanukkah is a festival celebrating the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days. The Maccabees rededicated the Temple after conquering the Syrian army. The story goes that the Syrians had captured the holy oil and were using it to burn incense at the altar. However, the Maccabees discovered the oil and used it to light the lamps in the temple.

This led to the celebration of Hanukkah which lasts eight days. Each day, the number of lights increases. There are nine candles on the menorah, representing the nine days of Hanukkah.

Today, Hanukkah is celebrated by most Jews and non-Jews alike. Many people celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles on their house altars, dining room tables, or living rooms. Some people also light candles outside during the winter months.

They light the candles in order, starting with the smallest number of candles and ending with the largest. Each consecutive night we add one additional candle, making the total number of candles equal to the number of nights the oil lasted. This is why Hanukkahs are sometimes referred to as the Jewish Festival of Lights.

How Does A Menorah Get Lit?

To light the menorah, you'll need a total of 44 menorah candles. Most boxes of menorah candles come with at least one extra candle in case of breakage, which means you only need 43 candles. However, if you don't have any extras, you can buy a box of menorah candles online.

You'll start off by lighting the Shammash, which is the central candle in the menorah. Next, you'll light the seven outer candles in order, starting with the candle farthest to the right and moving clockwise until you reach the last candle on the far left. You'll repeat this process every night throughout the holiday.

After you've finished lighting the candles, you'll say a blessing and then light the next candle. After you finish lighting the candles, you should extinguish the Shammash and wait at least 30 minutes before lighting the next candle.

What Blessings Do You Say When Lighting The Hanukkah Candles?

Jews recite three blessings on the night of the first candle. They recite two blessings on each of the subsequent nights. They say them before lighting the next candle.

The first blessing acknowledges that God commanded us. The second is thanks to God. The third thanks God for keeping us alive. Some families recite an additional prayer at the end of the evening. A reminder that the Hanukkah candles are sacred.

Where Should The Menorah Be Placed?

There are two main places where you should place a menorah. One is outside your house, and the other is inside your house.

Outside your house, you should place the menorah in a window that faces the street. This allows passersby to see the miracle of the eight-branched candelabra. You can also add a sign to let everyone know that there is a menorah inside.

Inside your house, you should hang the menorah in a room that is visible from the living room. This makes it easier for guests to come to visit and enjoy the holiday. You can also decorate your windows with colorful lights and decorations to celebrate the holiday.

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