Curing Candles With The Lid On Or Off? Which Is Best?

Updated on August 17, 2022

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Should You Cure Candles With The Lid On Or Off?

To ensure that your candles are of the best quality possible, you must allow them to cure properly. Once they have been cured, can they be used for anything? Consequently, if you want to increase efficiency in candle-making and clear some space in your work area, you must take action as soon as possible. Having given this problem my full attention, I will now summarize what I found.

Is it better to leave the lids on or take them off while curing candles? During the curing process, the lids on candles are kept on. Allow the wax to cool fully after pouring; then cover the container, and the candles are ready to be cured. Check whether the candle has cooled down and solidified before putting on the lid. This is extremely important.

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If you're preparing a lot of candles, the only way to cure them is with the cover on since there isn't another option. At the absolute least, I wouldn't be able to do it because when it comes to producing candles, I already have several obstacles in my path.

The recommended timeframe to cure candles is three to fourteen days. If you neglect your candles for longer, they will likely become covered in dust, grime, and other unwanted materials.

The basics of candle curing

If you don't put the lid back on your scented candles, will they lose or lessen their scent? If your candle isn't covered and is left out for a while, the oil that gives it its smell might evaporate. So if you leave the lid off your candle, it can lose its fragrance over time. When it's exposed to air, the part of the wax closest to the edge of the container will be affected first and won't smell as nice anymore.

During the process of a candle being burned, several different things take place. First, the candle burns, then the wax will continue to harden regardless of the type of wax that you are using, although the rate of this process will vary. Within a few hours, paraffin wax can become entirely solidified. On the other hand, the soy wax may take several days to solidify completely.

Even after combining the two substances, remember that the fragrance oil used to scent your wax is still a different substance from the wax. Excessive amounts of fragrance oil in candles can cause condensation.

When the candle wax solidifies, it encapsulates the scented oil within the candle and distributes it evenly throughout the substance. The procedure discussed here is called the "curing" process. As a result, throughout the time you wait for the candle to cure, you ensure the candle will have a better smell.

The fragrance oils in candles may eventually evaporate and fade after some time, and the candles will dry up on the surface. When it comes to curing, fragrant candles benefit from lids for this as well as another reason.

How can you cure candles?

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1. Place the candle covers back on the candles.

After the candles have been allowed to cool fully and the wicks have been cut, the lids should be placed on top of the candles.

2. Put the candles in their respective containers.

First, make sure the lids on your candle containers are tightly shut. Then, put the containers inside bigger boxes to protect them from any light sources, including sunlight. Letting them sit will allow the candles to cure.

3. Put them in a place where they can be cool.

Allow the batch of candles to dry fully in a cool place before using them. It is not a good idea to keep candles in your attic for an extended period.

If you're making coconut wax candles with a melting temperature of approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you should store the wax for two weeks where it would be at or near its melting point. This might cause the wax to melt unevenly or not at all.

4. Wait

Depending on the candle waxes you used, your candles will be ready to use after anywhere from three to two weeks of curing time. You can apply the same process to cure homemade candles.

If you want to know what will happen if you don't cure candles, then read our article.

Benefits of candles lids

As we've seen, one of the benefits of candle lids is that they help the candles retain their fragrance. In addition to this, lids also help to:

If you're ensuring you cure your candles properly, you're on your way to making them last as long as possible. However, even if you cure your candles and don't use lids, they will only last for so long. Eventually, the fragrance will fade, and the surface of the wax will start to dry out.

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