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Updated on June 13, 2021

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Can Scented Candles Lose Fragrance Over Time?

If you've brought a scented candle from your favourite candle company, only to find you can't smell it anymore after a few weeks, you might be wondering if your candle has happened to lose all its scent? 

Candles do indeed lose their fragrance over time, this could be due to using uncovered candles, the fact you are getting used to the scent or the blend of fragrances inside of the candle.

To help you stop your candle from losing scent over time we've made a short guide below which will take you into further detail as to why your candle is losing scent if candles can expire, how to keep a lasting scent in your candle and a few other care tips. 

Let's get into it!

Why Is My Candle Losing Scent? 

When we first buy a candle it often has a strong nice scent, however, over time the notes of fragrance can weaken and disappear which can leave you feeling frustrated. 

We've listed the main reasons as to why your candle could be losing its scent down below. 

Can a Candle Expire? 

When scented candles lose their smell many people also think the candle has expired or is too old, while it is true your candle can become old, it will never expire unless it is made of plant-based products which should be burned within the first year of purchasing. 

If an old candle has lost its scent and colour then it could be due to how you are storing your entire candle.

How To Keep Your Candle Scented 

For people who want to keep the fragrance strong from their scented candles, you must know how to look after your scented candle properly. 

We've put together a list of the best ways to keep your candle smelling good below. 

Other Care Tips For Scented Candles

Apart from keeping your candle covered and storing it well, there are plenty of other care tips to keep your scented candle in good condition and help its scent last. 

We've listed the essential care tips for your new scented candle down below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Candles Losing Scent 

Are expensive scented candles better than cheap for keeping smell? 

Although expensive candles might be made with higher quality smells, it is not to say that their scent will last any longer, this is down to how the candle is cared for, stored and how the fragrance is combined inside.

How do I store candles without a jar?

If your scented candle does not have a jar it could be worth storing it in cling film or an airtight container.

Are scented candles fragrances bad to breathe in? 

No, there are no proven negative health effects of burning scented candles, you should be cautious however if you have asthma.

Last Words

Overall, candles can lose their scent over time, but some ways to preserve the scent are by keeping its lid on when not in use, storing it well out of sunlight and burning it for the right amount of time.

Some candles lose fragrance according to how they were combined between base, middle and top notes, so sometimes it's down to the type of candle you buy rather than how you take care of it.

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