How To Fix A Broken Candle In Glass Jar? Find Out Now!

Updated on September 26, 2022

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How To Fix A Broken Candle In Glass Jar?

You go to the sound of shattered glass and find your youngster standing on top of the antique glass candle holders that belonged to your great-grandmother. Your stomach drops because you are aware that it cannot be replaced. If you have enough knowledge and talent, you should be able to fix the shattered candle holders.

Things you will need to fix a broken candle in glass:

6 Steps to fix a broken candle in glass

Step #1

Clear the area around where the candle holders shattered and gather all the shards of glass scattered about. Put all the pieces on a tray to ensure that none of them goes misplaced.

Step #2

When cleaning the components that will be bonded together, use a warm solution of soapy water. After washing, ensure that each element is completely dried.

Step #3

Examine the components and determine where they will be glued together once you've examined each part. Make a diagram showing the arrangement of the details on the candle holder using a marker that erases with water.

Step #4

Apply a very small amount of UV glass adhesive to one of the pieces. Put some serious pressure on the second component as you attach it to the first. Make room for the glue to seep out. Check and recheck to ensure each piece is in the appropriate place.

Step #5

The pieces should be exposed to the UV Lamp for five minutes. The adhesive will harden as a result of the UV Light.

Step #6

Utilizing a razor blade, I cleaned the seam. To remove the wet-erase marker, use a cloth that has been dampened with water. Repeat these steps with any additional elements that need to be accounted for.

How to remove the wax of a broken candle in a glass container?

The hardest part of repairing the broken glass in a bottle is breaking the glass, and you want to break the bottle so that you can repair it. The easiest way to do this is by heating them.

1. Hair dryer method

To carry out this procedure, you need to set your hair dryer to its highest possible setting and then blow air straight into the candle while rotating the dryer around so that all areas of the candle are exposed to the atmosphere. Setting the hair dryer to its highest setting is recommended since, although you may use a lesser setting, the procedure takes a little bit more time when you do so. After some time, the wax will start to melt, at which point you may pry it away from the jar with a butter knife or a steel fingernail file and then dispose of it.

2. Hot water method

This approach accomplishes the same goal as the previous one, except that rather than using a blow dryer to warm up the wax, you submerge the jar in hot water until the wax contained within the jar melts. When this occurs, you may scrape off the wax with a knife or a file and then begin the process again from the beginning. Both of these approaches should quickly melt the wax.

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Can we light these broken candles in glass?

Candles are such a classic addition to any room's décor! Using their many distinct aromas, they can radically alter the ambiance of any given location. However, accidents do happen. Jars used for candles are susceptible to a variety of types of damage.

Candle jars risk breaking in transit from the manufacturer to the retailer or if they are knocked off a table. One would think that they would be sturdy enough to retain all of the candle wax, but the reality is that they are just as fragile as any other glass item.

When a candle jar breaks, some people wonder if it is possible to continue using the candle even if the container is shattered. Burning a candle in a jar that has been cracked is dangerous, even though it may be tempting to try to preserve the candle and its container.

If the jar has cracks or holes, consider whether the wax inside could leak out and cause a fire. A fire may be caused by the hot wax leaking out of the jar and coming into contact with an ignition source.

When purchasing candles, it is critical that we thoroughly inspect each one for any flaws or defects. Even while a little scratch or splintered appearance in a glass jar does not appear to be dangerous at first glance, the reality is that it is an accident waiting to happen. It is important that the glass on the jars feel smooth to the touch and seem clear and unbroken in appearance.

Anything less than this constitutes an unnecessary risk we should not incur. Candles sold in stores may have these flaws due to the shipping process to the store or even the process by which sales employees load the shelves with them. Before you purchase a candle, you should spend little more than a few seconds going over the surface of the container to check that it has not been damaged or broken in any way.

Two creative ideas to repurpose the wax of a broken candle in a glass jar

1. Make a firestarter for camping

A camping trip is a fun way to spend time with family members. One of the highlights of these vacations is making a campfire. You may need to use some leftover candles from a broken jar to create a fire starter. Melt the candles with some old lint from a dryer to get started.

This concept also makes recycling dryer lint easier. The first step is to melt the lint down in a microwave oven. Once the lint is melted, it can be poured into an empty plastic bottle. After the lint cools, it should harden enough to be able to be used again. To get started, place the bottle inside your clothes dryer. You may need to add water to help keep the lint from sticking together. Once the lint begins to heat up, open the door and let the lint fall out onto a piece of newspaper.

Using lint, wax, and cardboard together will make it very simple to get a fire going!

2. Create fun shapes of candle wax

If you want to create something unique using melted wax, you could try making whimsical shapes. You can then bake them onto a baking sheet lined with a piece of foil.

The molten wax substance should be poured into the molds and then allowed to cool. The shapes can be put inside a stylish dish and displayed to brighten up areas such as the bathroom or a coffee desk. To go one stage further, while the waxy substance is being poured into the molds, it could be threaded through the holes at the top of the cutters so they would stick together with the waxy substance. This would enable the strings to be pulled out of the shapes once the waxy substance had hardened.

Using this method, you may make a beautiful ornament that can be hung on the Christmas tree.

These suggestions are offered to stimulate creative thinking and cut down on waste. These are, without a doubt, the greatest ways to repurpose used candle wax from a shattered candle jar, even though there are more options!

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