How To Get Wax Out Of The Candle Jar? To Clean It Well!

Updated on September 25, 2022

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Our Guide To Removing Candle Wax From A Jar

If you are a candle lover, getting rid of your lovely candle jars once your candle has burnt down can be upsetting, but what if you could get that leftover wax out of your glass jar and reuse it for other candles or decor?

Our Guide To Removing Candle Wax From A Jar

To get wax out of glass candle jars you can use boiling water, an oven, a hair dryer and many other methods, this then allows you to use the glass candle jars for other purposes.

We've created a great guide below, taking you through why you shouldn't burn candles down all the way, how to get rid of scented candle wax in a jar, what to do with leftover candle wax and some up-cycle ideas for the jars!

Why You Should Never Burn Candles Down All The Way

It can be tempting to burn down the leftover candle wax which is in your jar, but it is not recommended to burn candle wax down all the way since it can be a safety hazard.

This is because it can cause the candle jar to become too hot and shatter, this could also potentially start a fire.

The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Wax In Candle Jars

If you have brought an expensive candle and want to keep the jar after using it, you will need to make sure you get rid of the remainder of the candle bits to keep it clean.

We've listed our best methods for getting rid of candle wax in jars below.

Use Hot Water

This is the simplest method to get rid of wax in a candle.

  1. Simply pour the boiling water into the candle container and allow the wax to float to the top.
  2. Let the jar soak then strain out of the water, wash with soapy water and enjoy!

Try Double Boiler Method

A great way to melt candles is by using the simple double boiler method.

  1. Begin by placing your candle in a glass bowl on top of a folded dish towel then place it in a bowl of boiling water.
  2. Allow the wax to melt then remove the rest with a butter knife.

Use The Oven

Grab a baking sheet, a sheet of aluminum foil and baking paper.

  1. Try to remove the labels from your candle jars then heat the oven to 200 degrees, and line your baking sheet with parchment.
  2. Cover your candle with foil, place it upside down and let the candle stay in the oven for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the jars and wax on the paper then wash the jars out with soapy water.
The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Wax In Candle Jars

Try The Freezer

Although not a common method, you can use the freezer to get cleaned-out candle jars.

  1. Allow the candle to sit in the freezer overnight then turn the jar over and allow the wax to drop out, use the butter knife to get rid of any more wax.
  2. Use some soapy water to clean out the rest of the wax in the jar.

Get The Hair Dryer

Grab an oven mitt and a butter knife and use the hair dryer to get rid of candle wax, we've listed the method below.

  1. Put your hair dryer on the hot setting and aim it at the candle for removal of the wax, make sure it's on a heat-resistant surface.
  2. Allow the candle wax to start softening then use the butter knife to start scraping out the wax until it's gone.
  3. Take out the rest of the wax with some soapy water till the glass becomes clean.

What To Do With Leftover Candle Wax

If you've got leftover wax in your glass container you might not want to waste this wax.

We've listed some ways to use up the rest of your candle wax below.

Up-Cycle Ideas For Candles Jars

Now you've got the rest of the wax out of your candle jars, we've got some great ideas for what you can do with your candle jars below.

We've listed some ways to up-cycle your jars below.

Last Words

Overall, you can get wax out of candles with lots of different candle wax removal method types, one of the easiest ways is to fill the candle with water that is hot and let it soak.

Up-Cycle Ideas For Candles Jars

Candle jars can be used for many purposes, whether as storage or for decorative candles especially if you have a pricey candle jar which looks great!

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