Why Put A Glass Of Water Next To A Candle?

Updated on December 12, 2022

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Why Would You Place A Glass Of Water Next To A Candle?

Candles are beautiful, romantic, and relaxing. But if you place a glass of water next door, you'll notice that there's a difference between the two. Candles burn hot and fast, whereas water burns cold and slow.

So why would you put a glass of water near a candle? Because candles burn hot and fast, and they can cause damage to your house if not properly placed.

A candle left burning unattended can easily start a fire. And if you leave a lit candle unattended, it can quickly spread throughout your entire house. That's why you should never leave a candle unattended. Instead, keep a glass of water nearby to extinguish any flames that may occur.

This superstition comes from the belief that the element of water is cold and wet, whereas the element of fire is hot and dry. Therefore, placing a glass of water next to the burning candle will cool down the heat and cause the candle to burn less brightly.

Another reason why Cubans believe that putting a glass of liquid water next to an open flame will cause the flame to extinguish is that they think that the water represents the moon. According to legend, the moon was once made of wax and placed inside a cauldron.

As the sun heated the cauldron, the wax melted and dripped onto the ground. Water collected at the bottom of the pot and formed a lake. Eventually, the moon became covered in water and was born.

Cuba is known for its rich culture and traditions. One of those traditions involves the belief that putting a glass of fresh water next to a burning candle will cause the flame to die out.

Cubans believe that the water represents the Moon and the flame represents the Sun. Because the water is cold and wet and the flame is hot and dry, the two elements cancel each other out and the flame dies out.

You should never leave candles unattended. Even if you think you won't forget to extinguish the candle, you may not notice until it starts dripping wax onto the floor. Once the wax drips down, it hardens quickly and becomes difficult to remove.

To avoid burning yourself, keep a glass of water nearby. If you accidentally knock the glass over, it will break and prevent any harm to yourself. Also, if you ever feel uncomfortable leaving a candle unattended, you can simply pour the contents of the glass into the wick to extinguish the flame.

It is untrue that during combustion, one carbon dioxide molecule replaces each oxygen molecule; instead, two oxygen molecules yield one carbon dioxide molecule and two water molecules (which condense).

There's this concept that in the water-candle experiment, the water gets sucked up largely because of the cooling air after the fire went out. Further complexity is that with the rise in temperature, the air becomes unsaturated to accommodate additional water vapors. This can be overlooked or avoided by making sure that as soon as the candle is lit the jar is dropped over it.

The temperature difference between the air's initial and final temperatures in the jar will determine how much water condenses. As a result, the temperature of the air must decrease as it rises in the atmosphere, and the pressure decreases (because there is less remaining atmosphere above).

I reasoned that since each molecule of oxygen would be replaced by a molecule of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide production would result in no change in pressure. 

The main takeaway from the actual experiment is that not all of the oxygen is used (I have rested the presence of oxygen after the candle is extinguished in our laboratory using yellow phosphorous) and that the amount of product molecules in the jar grows over the amount of oxygen consumed.

5 Cuban Traditions and Superstitions

1. Good Luck

Cubans believe that if you place a glass of water next to a burning candle, it will bring you luck. Cubans also believe that if you eat a slice of bread dipped in rum, it will keep away evil spirits.

These traditions are meant to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Cubans believe that if you light a candle at midnight, it will keep away any negative energy.

You may also wish to say goodbye to loved ones at night since it's believed that ghosts tend to roam during dark hours. One can even be lit at the start of each week to provide you with uplifting, clean energy for the coming one.

While there are no scientific studies proving that these traditions work, they are still practiced by millions of Cubans today. So, if you're planning on visiting Cuba anytime soon, make sure you try out some of these traditional customs!

2. Meanness

Cubans are known for being very friendly and welcoming. However, there are certain traditions and superstitions that Cubans believe in. These include eating pork rinds, drinking rum, and putting a glass of water next to a candle.

Why? Because Cubans believe that if you eat pork rinds, drink rum, and put a glass of water near a candle, then you will become mean.

These beliefs are not only common among Cubans but they are also shared by many other Latin American countries. Some of these countries include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

So, if you ever visit any of those countries, you might find yourself surrounded by Cubans who think that you should avoid doing the following five things:

1. Eating pork rinds

2. Drinking rum

3. Putting a glass of water next to the candle

4. Wearing red underwear

5. Kissing strangers

Why? Because Cubans believe if you do those things, you will become mean.

3. Happiness

Cubans believe that happiness comes from within. So if you want to bring happiness into your life, you should start by making yourself happy. One of the easiest ways to do that is by surrounding yourself with positive energy. Cubans believe that happiness comes not only from outside sources but also from inside themselves.

So if you want to bring joy into your life, you might consider putting a glass of water next to a candle. According to tradition, placing a glass of water next to the candle will keep away evil spirits. And since happiness comes from within, you'll feel happier after doing this.

Another traditional Cuban superstition says that if you place a coin under your pillow at night, you'll dream of wealth. You can try this trick to bring prosperity into your life. Just remember to remove the coin before you wake up in the morning.

4. Attraction

Cubans believe that if you place a glass of water next to a burning candle, it will attract bad luck. Cubans also believe that if you eat beans during the day, you will become pregnant.

There are five Cuban traditions and superstitions that every Cuban should know. These include eating beans at night, placing a glass of water next to a burning candle, not crossing bridges, never walking under a ladder, and never stepping on a crack in the sidewalk.

These beliefs are passed down through generations and are believed to bring good fortune. However, there are no scientific studies proving any of these claims. So, whether or not they work, we can only guess.

5. Evil

Cubans believe that there are five basic elements that make up our world: earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. These five elements are represented by five different animals: horse, rooster, pig, dog, and snake. Cubans also believe that we should never place anything directly under a window or door. Doing so invites evil spirits into our homes.

To ward off evil spirits, Cubans traditionally light candles at night. However, if you look closely at the picture above, you'll notice that the candle is placed next to a glass of water. Why? Because placing a glass of water next to a candle is believed to keep away evil spirits.

Another tradition involves putting salt on the floor of your house. You might think that this is only used during certain holidays, but it actually dates back hundreds of years. During the Spanish Inquisition, Catholics were forced to eat meat without any seasoning.

As a result, they developed a taste for salty foods. So, to avoid getting sick, they sprinkled salt on the floors of their houses.

Finally, Cubans believe that it's bad luck to walk under a ladder. This belief comes from the legend of El Cimarrón, a man who was cursed to live his life beneath ladders. He eventually died after falling down a flight of stairs.

These traditions are still practiced today. Cubans continue to light candles at night, sprinkle salt on the floor of their homes, and don't walk under ladders. 

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