Heat Guns For Candle Making

Updated on November 23, 2022

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Heat Guns For Candle Making

This heat gun for candle making is a great tool to add to your collection if you enjoy crafting candles. You can use it to smooth out uneven surfaces, remove wax build-ups, and prevent unwanted drips. Plus, it makes creating candles easier since there is no need to dip candles in melted wax.

Just point the heat gun at the surface where you want to melt the wax and watch it disappear. There are plenty of uses for heat guns, including craft projects, DIY, and construction projects. A heat gun is a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

How Does A Heat Gun Operate?

How Does A Heat Gun Operate?

A heat gun uses a fan to blow air over a heating element. The heated air is then emitted through a nozzle. The fan pulls in the surrounding air and pushes it across the heating element. The heated airflow exits through the nozzle.

You'll adjust the temperature setting on the handle of the heat gun. The handle may include a lever that allows you to adjust the intensity of the heating unit inside the gun. It might take a little time for the heating unit to become active.

Before you begin using the heat gun, you'll control the fan speed. The fan speed determines how much surface area the heated air covers. Like a hair dryer or blow dryer, a heat gun works by blowing hot air at an object.

To operate the heat gun, press the trigger. The fan inside the gun will draw in the nearby air. The air will pass across the heating element. Once the heated air reaches the desired temperature, it will exit through the nozzle. Use a heat gun to quickly warm up candles, wax, soap, lotions, oils, glue, etc.

Can A Heat Gun Be Used On Candles?

A heat gun can be used on candles, and it's helpful for candle makers. You can use a heat gun to fix surface flaws, fix uneven surfaces, and heat the bottoms of containers before pouring your candles, which helps prevent sinkholes and wet spots.

Make sure that you clean your heat gun after using it on candles and other products. Otherwise, you might end up burning yourself.

The Application Of Heat Guns In Candle Making

Heat guns are great heat tools to have when you are doing DIY projects. They come in handy for lots of reasons, including solving problems like uneven surfaces, wet patches, and jump lines.

Let's take a closer look at the application of multipurpose heat guns in the candle industry. First off, let me tell you that there are two types of heat guns: infrared and convection. Infrared heat guns are ideal for melting wax and creating wicks. Convection heat guns are great for melting wax and creating candles.

Infrared heat guns are ideal if you want to melt wax quickly and evenly. You simply point the nozzle at the surface where you want the wax melted and hold down the trigger until the desired temperature is reached. Once the wax is melted, you can remove the excess wax using a spatula.

Convection heat guns are ideal if your project requires a lot of wax. You simply point the tip of the nozzle at the surface and hold down the trigger. As the heated air hits the surface, it melts the wax and creates a pool of molten wax. You can then pour the wax into molds or onto paper plates to cool.

How Do You Select A Heat Gun For Candle Making?

Candlemakers use heat guns to melt the wax and clean up messes. There are many types of heat guns available, including those that use electricity, gas, propane, or even wood. Each type offers advantages and disadvantages.

Electric heaters are inexpensive and convenient. However, they don't provide any kind of built-in safety features. Electric heaters also tend to be noisy and may not be suitable for indoor use.

Gas heaters are safer than electric heaters because they won't burn anything nearby. However, they cost more money and are harder to find.

Propane heaters are safe and quiet. They also produce less smoke than electric heaters. Propane heaters are also easier to find than gas heaters.

Wood heaters are the most traditional way to heat the wax. Wood heaters are also the safest option.

Types Of Nozzles

A common heat gun is a great tool for creating candles. There are several types of nozzles available for your heat gun, including reducers, reflectors, and flat nozzles. Each type comes with its own benefits for your specific needs.

Reducers keep the heat distribution concentrated in one spot, helping you avoid burning yourself. They also reduce the risk of spreading the extra heat to other parts of your project.

Reflectors feature a pipe that wraps around the front of the mini heat gun, keeping the heat close to the surface. These nozzles are ideal for projects where you want to focus the level of heat on a small area.

Flats disperse the intense heat over a large area, allowing you to cover larger surfaces without worrying about overheating any part of your project.

Best Hot Guns For Making Candles

Candlemakers should invest in a corded heat gun that comes with a low-temperature setting. You'll want to keep the temperature below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that can cause damage to your candles and candle containers.

A heat gun with a low-temperature setting will give you the most flexibility when working with waxes and oils. You won't have to worry about burning yourself if you accidentally touch the hot surface of the gun.

You may also want to consider getting an industrial heat gun with variable temperature control. This allows you to adjust the temperature between 200°F and 450°F. This makes it easier to work with various types of waxes and oils without damaging them.

Black and Decker HG1300 Heat Gun

Black and Decker HG1300 Heat Gun

This Black and Decker multi-purpose heat gun is great for heating wax candles. You'll find it at most hardware stores, including Ace Hardware. It comes with a built-in stand that allows you to place it evenly for cooling. The handle also features grooves that keep it in your hand while you're working.

You can use this heat gun to melt wax candles, hot glue, and other materials. It works well for melting wax, but if you try using it on other items, you may damage them. Before you start heating anything, make sure you test it on a small piece of paper first.

EnerTwist Heat Gun

The EnerTwist portable heat gun uses a special heating element that allows it to operate at a lower temperature than most heat guns. Because of this, it can melt wax faster than a standard heat gun. Plus, it doesn't require any electricity to run, so you won't have to worry about running out of battery life.

The EnerTwist heat guns come with a 12.5 amp motor that produces temperatures for heat guns up to 930 degrees Fahrenheit. The six-foot power cord gives you plenty of room to move around while working.

The controls are located at the back end of the unit, where you can easily adjust the speed of the fan and select the desired temperature and heat setting.

Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun

This Genesis heat gun is great for heating candles and wax melts. You can control the temperature setting using the three-position switch located on the handle. There's also an integrated stand to keep it upright when cooling. The weight of the gun is only 2 lbs., making it very portable.

The Genesis GHG1500 a dual-temperature heat gun is ideal for heating candles and wax melts. It comes with a 12.5 amp motor that supports 750 and 1,500-watt settings. The three-positions switch allows you to switch between temperatures right from the handle.

Prulde HG0080 Hot Air Gun

This Pride hot air gun is great for DIY projects. You can easily blow out candles, remove stickers, clean windows, polish wood furniture, and more. It comes with a 6.5-foot power cord and a built-in stand.

You'll find two fan speed settings and temperature control options. It runs on six D batteries and has a battery life of approximately 500 hours.

There's also an integrated stand inside to keep the gun safe and stable during operation.

Use this hot air gun to quickly and efficiently finish any project at hand.

What Are The Uses Of A Heat Gun?

A perfect candle heat gun is a great tool for DIY projects. You can use it to melt the wax, clean windows, remove stickers, and even bake cookies! There are several uses for a heat gun, including melting wax, cleaning windows, removing stickers, baking cookies, and more.

Prepare Containers

You'll want to prepare hot containers for candles if you want to avoid shrinkage. Unpleasant Shrinkage happens when the temperature inside the warm container is lower than the outside container temperature. As the wax cools down, it shrinks and becomes less liquid. This causes the wax to solidify unevenly, resulting in unsightly cracks and crevices.

To avoid this problem, direct heat the edge of the container where you plan to pour the wax. This prevents any wet spots from forming when the wax cools.

Fix Imperfections

Candlemakers sometimes run into problems when trying to create a smooth surface on their candle wicks. You might find yourself struggling to create a nice finish on your candles. One solution is to use a heat gun to melt the wax and then let it cool down.

Heat guns are great for melting wax and fixing small imperfections. All you need to do is place the heat gun on the candle and hold it there until the wax melts. Then, simply remove the heat gun and let the candle cool down. Once the wax has cooled down, you'll notice that the surface is smoother and less prone to bubbles.

You can also use a common heat gun to repair broken glassware. Simply place the heat gun on a piece of broken glass and hold it there until it starts to melt. Remove the heat gun once the glass has melted and let it cool down. Repeat this process until the entire piece of glass is repaired.


You'll find that wax is very difficult to clean off of certain surfaces. One of those surfaces is glassware. Glassware is made of clear material, and it's impossible to clean without damaging it. However, if you heat the surface of the glassware, you can melt the wax residue and easily wipe it away.

Heat guns are great for heating wax. They come in various sizes and shapes, including handheld models and larger ones that sit on a table. Some heat guns even have attachments that let you attach them to a drill or power saw.

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