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How To Activate Yankee Candle Car Scent? Our Guide Here!

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How To Activate Yankee Candle Car Scent?

Our Guide To Using Yankee Car Air Fresheners

If you’ve brought a Yankee candle car scent, you might be wondering how to activate it in your car to help give your car smell a boost. 

How To Activate Yankee Candle Car Scent?

To activate a Yankee candle car scent you simply take it out of the packaging and attach it to the car vent, it will diffuse scent automatically. For the candle jar you will need to fill it up with water.

We’ve made a small guide below which will take you through how to use both Yankee candle car scents, if candle car scents are good for you as well as how to make your own candle car scent.

How To Use Yankee Car Candle Scents

If you’re a lover of Yankee candles, their car candle scents can help you scent your car with your favourite candle scent, they are simple to use too.

Yankee Car Candle Air Vents

  • Take your Yankee candle out of the packet. 
  • Attach the premium fragrance to the vent. 
  • Allow to diffuse.
Yankee Car Candle Air Vents

Yankee Candle Jar Scents

  • Take your candle jar and remove the top, fill with water then put the lid back on. 
  • Turn it upside down and shake the scent to activate it. 
  • Hang on your car.

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Are Car Scents Good For You? 

Unfortunately, although premium fragrance car scents smell good, they are made from synthetic fragrances so aren’t that good for you since they emit chemicals into the air over time due to the uninterrupted fragrance.

How To Make Your Own Car Scent 

To make easy car air fresheners which smell like candles you can simple use a mason jar with some essential oils, baking soda and cut out holes for the lid or even a piece of foam on some twine soaked with essential oils.

How To Activate Yankee Candle Car Scent?

Last Words

Overall, Yankee car air fresheners activate themselves automatically when you take time the out of the packet, for their jar version you do have to fill them with water and give them a shake.

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