How To Add Scent To Unscented Candles? Read Here!

Updated on June 13, 2021

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Our Ultimate Guide To Scenting An Unscented Candle

Finding a scented candle with a fragrance you like is not always an easy job, or you might have your favourite looking candle without any fragrance, both of which can be fixed by adding your scent to an unscented candle. 

Adding scent to an unscented candle is a simple process, all you will need is your favourite scent, whether an essential oil or fragrance oil, your candle with no scent, a lighter and a toothpick, to have a scent you simply add your oil into the wax of the candle.

We have composed a guide below that will take you through a step by step guide on two ways to add scent to your unscented candle, whether or not to choose fragrance oil or essential oil and what type of fragrance you should choose.

Let's get into it!

Our Step By Step Guide To Adding Scent To An Unscented Candle 

Not only are scented candles relaxing, but they create a homey and cosy atmosphere in your home, eliminating bad odours and stimulating senses. 

You might assume adding scent to an unscented candle is difficult, but it is pretty easy to achieve once you have your fragrance picked out. 

We've listed two basic ways to make your scented candle from a normal wax candle down below. 

Using Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil

Adding Scented Cubes

Benefits Of Adding Scent To a Candle

Scented candles are not only great for changing up a room and fragrance, but they are full of other benefits too, for your health and well being. 

So if you haven't scented your unscented candle yet, this will convince you!

Fragrance Oil Vs Essential Oil - Which Should I Choose? 

When adding scent to your candle, you will have to decide between fragrance oil and essential oil. 

Both oils provide scent to your candle but differ slightly, we will get into their differences below to help you decide on which type of oil is right for you.

Fragrance Oils 

Fragrance oils are synthetically made aroma compounds, the smell of these oils are very lightweight which allows them to reach your smell sense much faster. 

These oils are much stronger smelling than essential oils as they are made with chemical compounds instead of plants, they are often cheaper too and great for scented candles. 

However, as fragrance oils are not made from plant matter, they do have fewer health benefits than essential oils do, so are better for scent, not aromatherapy.

Essential Oils

These oils come from the 'essentials' of a plant, whether the flower or stem, the oil is derived only from organic plant matter instead of chemical compounds. 

Essential oils tend to have a longer shelf life too due to the fact they are made from plants and have better health benefits for aromatherapy, for example, a lavender essential oil is calming.

Downfalls of essential oils are their strength and their price. These oils are more expensive because they have a long manufacturing process which all comes from plants, their strength is also not as strong as fragrance oils.

Which Should I Choose?

Overall, if you are looking to make your unscented candles scented and want to get the best scent possible, fragrance oils are the better choice, as their scent will not be weak and you get the most smell for your money, however, it might be best to make your candle with essential oils if your looking for more health benefits and want the scent to be natural rather than chemicals.

Our Top Scents For Best Smelling Candles 

Figuring out what fragrance oil or essential oil to use in your candle can be overwhelming, fragrance oils are typically easier to choose as they are based on smells, but essential oils are harder to choose as their plants can produce different aromas and benefits when burned. 

Scent Recipes To Try

Warm vanilla - Four drops of vanilla oil, six drops of sandalwood and 2 drops of rose oil create a warming holiday scent.

How To Pick The Best Scents For Your Candle

Picking which scent you want for your candle is not all about smell, you also should consider how it's going to fit in your home, this will help you choose the best-scented candle for your space.

Tips For Getting The Most Scent Out Of Your Candle

To get the most burn out of your candle and the best scent possible we have listed some tips and tricks for burning your newly scented candle down below.

Why Does My Scented Candle Not Smell When Burning?

If you have followed our steps above only to find that your candle is still not producing scent when burning, don't panic, there are a few reasons as to why this happens and most can be remedied easily to get a stronger scent. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Scent To An Unscented Candle

Can I use perfume to scent my candle?

Never use perfume to try and scent your candle, doing so can release toxic fumes when you are burning the candle and it is also a fire hazard due to the alcohol content inside of the perfume. Instead, use fragrance oils if you after this kind of scent which are much safer to use and breathe in.

How to increase the scented smell of your candle? 

If you want to increase the smell of your candle you can try either; increasing the number of fragrance drops you put in your candle, use it in a smaller room, keep a lid on the container and burn for longer periods.

Are essential oils flammable in candles?

No, essential oils are safe to use in candles, the only worry comes when the oils make direct contact with the flame of the candle, this is why you should always blow the candle out and add essential oils in the pool of wax when it is turned off.

How many scents should I add to my candle? 

The amount of fragrance you drop into your candle depends on how strong you want the fragrance to be when burning, ideally, this should not be overpowering but not too weak either. The sweet spot is normally around 3-10 drops, but we recommend starting with a smaller amount then working your way up according to the strength you want.

Are fragrance oils bad to breathe in? 

Some fragrance oils are harmful to breathe in for long periods, they can indeed have negative health effects, so you shouldn't inhale them for too long, you should always make sure you are using essential oils rather than synthetic as they are more natural. 

What essential oils should I put in my candle for relaxation?

There are many different essential oils you can use to de-stress within a scented candle but some of the best are lavender oils, cinnamon, frankincense, peppermint and chamomile. Avoid stimulating citrus oils, these are great for a mood boost but will not help you relax as they have stimulating effects.

How long will it take for my scented candle to smell? 

This depends but you will typically start to notice the fragrance around 30 minutes after burning, this depends on the size of the candle and the room you are in too, however.

Are wax burners better than scented candles for smell?

Both wax burners and scented candles are pretty equal when it comes to smell but wax burners are often more preferred as they do not have to have an open flame to release smell. 

Final Words

Overall, you can add scent to an unscented candle easily by letting it burn then adding essential oil or fragrance oil to the wax pool created. Never add essential oil while the flame of the candle is still lit and make sure to stir it after addition to ensure the fragrance is spread evenly throughout the candle. 

We always recommend picking a candle size according to your room and topping up the fragrance in your candle if it is too weak or become old.

If you're looking for more information on how much scent to add to candle, then this article is for you!

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