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How To Keep Candle From Tunneling? Read It Here!

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Candle wax is one of the most versatile items you can use for candle making, and there are many ways to make it work for your projects.

But when it comes to making your candles last longer, the number one way to do so is to never use a candle that tunnels.

A candle usually burns for a long time, and is nice to look at its whole life. The candle burns the wax and for a while, the candle burns well.

But after a few years, the candle burns less and less. Thinly burning candles may begin to tunnel. If the candle tunnel is deep, after a few months the candle may burn to nothing.

This can be dangerous, so one must know how to prevent it. Yes, we need to know first what is the cause why candle are tunneling.

Reason why candles tunneling

Candle tunneling is the phenomenon whereby a candle burns down to a single wick, then travels up the remaining burn time, creating the appearance that the candle is tunneling up like a wick in a candle flame.

The candle is a great piece of home décor, but is there a reason why it tunnels? Yes, there is!

  • Caused by the effect of gravity.

Try blowing it out and you’ll notice that the candle wax doesn’t just clump to the bottom of the holder.

When you tap the candle with your finger, the wax doesn’t just stick to your finger and allow you to take it off, but instead it flows back down to the bottom of the candle, and then gently spreads out and goes back up to the surface of the candle again.

As you know, gravity is the force that pulls all objects towards the center of the Earth, which means that a candle will flow down the candle holder and towards the center of the candle.

  • Candle tunneling is caused by the candle being too close to a wall or other object.

If you’ve never heard of candle tunneling, it’s a weird phenomenon when a candle burns unevenly. You can see this when a candle is too close to a wall, or a shelf, or something else, and burns unevenly.

The flame will eventually die, but the wax will continue to burn. It will then continue to burn in a weird wobbling motion, creating a tunnel.

  • The wick is too long

Candle tunneling happens when a candle wick gets too long, which causes the flame to travel down the wick. As the flame travels, it heats the wax, which makes it harder for the candle to maintain a stable burn.

Eventually, the flame can’t travel down the wick anymore, and it burns through or burns out. In addition to creating an unattractive candle, dirty wicks can also start a fire.

How to prevent candle from tunneling?

Candles are a common yet dangerous element that can cause harm to our homes and lives. You can use various items to prevent candles from tunneling.

If your candle is a fan of tunneling, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to cover everything you need to know to prevent candle wax from tunneling.

1. Type of wicks – make sure to use the correct type of wick.

One of the most basic components of a candle is the wick. Its job is to burn the candle and keep it lit. Candle tunnels are a common problem when you have tall candles that are not well-supported.

The main culprit is the wick. When it is not well-supported, it can lift up and cause the tunnel to form. There are different methods to solve the problem.

You can place a wick on a pin or in a thick yarn tied with yarn around the top of the candle jar.

2. Type of scents

One of the most common problems with candles is tunneling, when the wax pushes up through the hole where the wick is inserted.

To prevent this from happening, try choosing scents that do not have a strong scent—such as pears.

3. Type of containers

Candles are a common yet dangerous element that can cause harm to our homes and lives. You can use various items to prevent candles from tunneling, but some containers are simply not meant for holding candles.

Check the types of containers to prevent candles from tunneling. You can also use a candle container that is of the correct height.

4. Type of wax 

Candle wax, while technically not a candle, is just one component of what makes a candle burning, and is arguably the most important.

It is the basis of what makes them smell, burn, and give off light. For this reason, it’s important to be able to control how your candles burn.

A heavy wax such as paraffin will tunnel more than a normal wax and so it is important to use the right type of wax to prevent this from happening.

Make sure your candle burns evenly

It is important to keep it at the right height. Sometimes, candles are designed to be taller than their actual height, which can leave them needing to be corrected.

If the wick of your candle keeps rising, it means that the wick gets too hot, which can cause it to burn up, and if this happens, you will have to stop the burning process.

You could burn yourself, or, worse, your house could catch on fire. Candle burners can be a real headache, but there is a way to make sure your candle burns evenly without worrying about it.

You can achieve this by getting a tea light candle warmer. There are several types of candle warmers. Using a tea light candle warmer will provide you with the best temperature to burn your candles at.

The warmer will maintain the correct temperature between the different candles so that the candles will burn evenly.

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