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Updated on December 21, 2022

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How Long Do Tealight Candles Burn?

Tealight candles are one of those objects that can be found in almost every single home. They are little and easy to transport. This little wax sculpture has several uses and can be a lifesaver in various situations, such as giving light during power outages or being inserted into a holder to produce a soothing, flickering glow at the end of a long day. Because there is such a wide range of scented alternatives, you should be able to find a tea light to suit virtually any setting or event.

However, like with any other open flame, some safety precautions must be considered while using tealight candles. In this post, we will focus specifically on time a tea light should burn before it is completely extinguished and whether or not it will do so on its own.

Join us as we examine three distinct varieties of tea lights and provide you with some of the most important information regarding their use, all to ensure that you are fully informed regarding these portable candles.

Several elements determine how long a tea light will burn, one of which is the quality of the wax. Tealights typically have a burn time of between three and five hours, considered a reasonable amount of time. Like all other types of candles and lighters, tea lights are meant to extinguish themselves when left unattended, but you should never leave a flame unattended.

What is a Tea Light Candle?

What distinguishes the tea light from the other available type of candle? The tea lights' design sets it apart from other similar products. A tea light is a little candle wrapped in a thin metal (such as aluminum) or plastic (polycarbonate) container that allows the paraffin candle wax to liquefy and remain contained as it burns.

Tea lights are typically sold in packs of three or four. When several tea lights are burned simultaneously, a gentle ambient glow is produced, which is frequently when they are most effective. Tea lights are typically affordable and offered in large quantities.

They can have a scent or be unscented, and there is a wide variety of ornamental holders available to put a tea light in if you want to use them as part of your décor. If you want to use them as part of your décor, you should display them.

How long do Tea Lights burn?

Depending on the manufacturer and whether the shell is made of metal or plastic, there is a large variation in how long a tea light will burn.

At Flame Stuff, we did a few experiments with the many kinds of tea lights people typically have in their homes.

The base wax used in most unscented tea lights is the same. However, we also tested a tea light that an individual candle manufacturer made, and it was labeled as being made of beeswax; it can be an 8-ounce candle, 4-ounce candle, or 24-ounce candle. The two versions we tested that came from huge grocery chains primarily consisted of paraffin wax.

One variety sold in supermarkets featured a casing made of metal, while the other was plastic. No information was provided regarding the kind of wick used on any tealights. However, the tealight made by the independent single-wick candle makers resembled cotton, while the kind sold in supermarkets appeared to be more rigid.

After placing each tea light in its heat-resistant holder, a countdown was started. In this study, we only utilized unscented versions of the container candle connoisseur we purchased. Below you will find a list with the burn times and some remarks.

As can be seen from the information presented above, the scented candle made of beeswax (beeswax taper candle) burned for the longest time; nevertheless, its cost was much higher. This indicates that a greater quantity of the less expensive longest-burning candle types could be burnt simultaneously at a lower total cost.

This also serves to emphasize the wide range of burn times that can occur depending on the manufacturer and composition of the tea light, which is a point that should not be overlooked.

Among the three tea lights examined, we found that the one with the clear shell reflected light the most effective and produced the brightest overall glow.

How do extinguish tea light burn?

Even while we all know that a tea light will eventually go out on its own, there are times when you might wish to put it out yourself, either because you are leaving the room or because you no longer require it. What kind of an effect does this have on a tea light, and is it possible to ignite it again after it has been extinguished?

1. Putting out a Candle in a Tea Light Holder

Most individuals will snuff out a tea light by blowing on it. However, this is not always the best option, as it may result in you blowing wax splatters unintentionally if you are too enthusiastic about the process.

Utilizing a normal candle snuffer is the most effective method. This is a gadget that resembles a bell on a stick, and it serves a variety of purposes. This includes depriving the wax candle flame of oxygen and successfully putting it out. This encompasses the multi-wick candle flame.

It is essential to remember never to place a tea light in a container that also contains water. Not only does this create a mess, but it also runs the risk of allowing the wax to melt and flow over the sides of the container.

2. Rekindling a Candle in a Tea Light Holder

Not many people may be aware of this, but it's a best practice to relight a light tea candle wick if it still has at least half of its wax. If less than half of the wax is left, the tea light may not reach hot enough to melt all the wax left, resulting in an uneven burn.

If your tea light has burned down to less than half its size, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to relight it but should dispose of it instead.

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