How To Make Chocolate Scented Candles? Our Easy Guide

Updated on May 31, 2021

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Our Ultimate Guide To Making Chocolate Scented Candles

If you love a glass of hot chocolate in the evenings, why not make your chocolate-scented candles to relax with at home? 

Our Ultimate Guide To Making Chocolate Scented Candles

To make chocolate-scented candles at home all you need is a candle wick, candle wax, a container and some fragrance oil or essential oil.

Down below, we have taken you through what type of wax you should use for making chocolate scented candles as well as two methods for making chocolate-scented candles at home. 

What Type Of Wax Should I Use For Making Chocolate Scented Candles? 

Before we get into how to make hot cocoa and chocolate peppermint candles, let's start with which kind of wax you should use for making these candles. 

When making scented candles you will be faced with a choice of paraffin wax or soy wax.

Paraffin wax is cheaper to use and tends to have a better scent throw than soy wax while soy wax is a more natural alternative and still holds its scent well, it is more expensive. 

When possible, we suggest making candles out of soy wax (check our soy wax guide here) since it provides a cleaner burn.

How To Make Hot Cocoa Candles

If you want to make an affordable DIY candle gift, this hot cocoa candle is a great project to try and is made in a glass mug too! 

Equipment Needed 


  1. Start by preparing the candle wick, for this you need an eight-inch tabbed candle wick, you can support the wick and keep it upright by using two clothes spins. 
  2. Next, break up your brown crayon and melt the candle wax in a melting pot with the brown crayon. Melt the wax with two-thirds of the brown crayon. 
  3. Melt the wax on the double boiler then adds around 20 drops of the chocolate fragrance. 
  4. Pour the wax into your glass heatproof mug, and make sure there is half an inch of space at the top. Now crumble up your white wax in the double boiler (this will be the whipped topping).
  5. Once it starts to melt, whip it with a fork working fast, pour it into a piping bag and top the candle with the wax.
  6. With the leftover melted wax add the rest of your crayon to make it brown and once melted properly drizzle over the top.
How To Make Hot Cocoa Candles

How To Make Peppermint Hot Chocolate Candles

For lovers of peppermint hot chocolate, this candle will be right up your street and is super simple to make, all you need is some peppermint essential oil and chocolate fragrance oil. 

Equipment Needed


  1. Put a wick in each mug with a glue dot and measure out your soy wax flakes, melt the wax with a double boiler method, once it reaches 160°F to 180°F you can add in the brown candle dye. 
  2. Remove the wax then add in the fragrance oils, pour into each mug, allow to cool for 24 hours then trim the wick, light and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Chocolate-Scented Candles 

What scents are good to mix in chocolate candles?

Some good scents to mix in chocolate candles are; peppermint, vanilla, sweet orange, coffee or rose essential oil. 

Can I put cocoa butter in candles?

A few spoonfuls of cocoa butter in candles can give a nice candle scent, especially when made with coconut oil and beeswax, this would be known as blended wax. Cocoa powder can also be used in candles when mixed with wax.

How do I make a chocolate candle fragrance?

To make a chocolate candle fragrance mix vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate, in addition to cocoa butter can also contribute fragrance. 

Can I use a coffee mug for a candle?

Yes, heavy duty strong ceramic mugs can be used for making candles, if you have left over wax you want to remove from a coffee mug check our guide here.

How do I take care of my scented chocolate candle?

To take care of a chocolate scented candle, make sure to trim the wick when burning and clear any soot off it to burn clean.

We also suggest burning at 4 hours a time and covering with a lid when not in use to help the candle retain it's scent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Chocolate-Scented Candles 

Final Words

Overall, to make chocolate scented candles, you will need a mug container, chocolate fragrance oil, soy wax flakes, brown coloring (in the form of crayon or wax), a wick and a heat proof pouring pot. 

Always ensure your trimming the wick before burning your candle and using a lid on your candle to keep the scent strong.

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