How To Make Cologne Scented Candles? Our Guide Here!

Updated on May 31, 2021

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Our Guide To Making A Cologne Scented Candle

If you love the way your cologne smells, the idea of making it into a scented candle probably appeals to you, but the process of using cologne to make scented candles can be more difficult than you think. 

How To Make Cologne Scented Candles?

To make cologne-scented candles you will have to find an imitation fragrance oil closest to your cologne, it's not safe to make candles with cologne due to them being flammable and releasing toxic gases once burned.

In our guide below we will discuss why you cannot use cologne to make scented candles, what to use instead, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

Why Can't I Use Cologne To Make A Scented Candle? 

You can't use fragrance products like perfume or cologne for making candles because they are flammable and toxic despite their lovely smell, they are not safe to burn. 

Using Fragrance Oils For Making Candles 

Instead of using cologne or perfume to make scented candles, you can use fragrance oils instead which are much safer to burn.

You can find many mimic fragrance oils of your favorite perfume or cologne with ease or alternatively experiment by mixing different oils to get the right strength of scent.

These will burn much slower due to the nature of fragrance oils and smell better too, only producing carbon dioxide and water once burnt.

Using Fragrance Oils For Making Candles 

Which Type Of Wax Should I Use For A Cologne Scented Candle?

When making your scented candle, you will have a choice between paraffin wax, soy wax and beeswax. 

All types of wax have their advantages which we will list below. 

Paraffin Wax

This is the most common kind of wax to be used with perfume candle scents since it holds fragrance the longest. However, it's also one of the most chemically made options and can release toxins into the air when it's burned. 

Saying that Paraffin wax is nearly suitable for every candle project out there, whether you're making pillar candles or tea lights, the wax is very versatile. 

Soy Wax

Soy wax has a wide range of melting points and is becoming more popular, it is great for scented candles, but you should be aware that it can often be blended with lots of other oils, even Paraffin wax.


Beeswax is the hardest wax to scent, but it's also the most natural choice for a candle maker. You will find that this candle wax already has a naturally sweet scent which might interfere with fragrance oils, so keep this in mind when blending your fragrance.

How To Make A Cologne Scented Candle 

Making a cologne scented candle with the right kind of fragrance oils is easy and you can make amazing candles as long as you have the right equipment on hand. 


How To

  1. Get your double boiler and start by melting the wax slowly on a low to medium heat, take care because wax is very hot, remove from the heat once melted and allow it to cool. 
  2. Next glue your wick stabiliser and holder to attach your wick to the glass jar as this will help to keep it in the right position while the wax sets. 
  3. Now add your fragrance oil into the wax, the amount you use of this synthetic fragrance will come down to how strong you want the scent to be. You should add around 10% of the weight of the wax you used.
  4. Pour the scented wax into your jar to make perfumed candles, keep the wax supported by using a bamboo stick so it can stay upright. Allow the candle half set and make a center hole in the top using your stick, then pour more reheated wax on top, this will help with the tunnelling. 
  5. Let your candle set for 24 hours then enjoy!

How To Blend Your Own Candle Fragrance

Choosing the right fragrance oil to match your cologne or perfume can be difficult, there are a million different fragrance oils to choose from on the market with different strengths and scents. 

Luckily, you can make your own unique scent by blending oils, we've listed how to do it below.



  1. Consider the notes, every fragrance will have a top note which is what you smell first, middle notes to help balance and then bottom notes which are more deep and heavy, they last the longest. 
  2. To blend the oils, take a drop of each oil and put it onto the blotting paper, adjust ratios as you desire to see which fragrance you want to be the most prominent. 
  3. Once you have created the right ratio using the drop system, you can then adjust it to make bigger scents. One fragrance bottle is about 30ml, and one pipette is 3 ml.
  4. Next smell and blend on note cards as required, doing one part at a time, once you've got the right scent, transfer it to a new container with a label.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Cologne Scented Candles 

What fragrances are made out of natural ingredients? 

Essential oils are made of natural ingredients unlike fragrance oils and can also be used to scent candles, however, it is harder to blend and create scents with these oils.

Can I scent beeswax candles with fragrance oils? 

You can make a scented beeswax candle, however, people recommend adding coconut oil to help the scent carry when burning. You should remember beeswax already has a slightly sweet scent.

How do I make a very fragrant candle?

To make your candle more fragrant, simple make it larger or add more fragrance drops to give the scent a boost, you can also add other ingredients to increase the scent throw.

What are some aromatic ingredients to put inside candles?

You can add ingredients such as herbs to help scent boost as well as essential oils.

How To Make Cologne Scented Candles?

Last Words

To conclude, you can make cologne-scented candles by using fragrance oils to mirror the scent, this might take some blending to get the desired smell you want. We would not recommend using perfume or cologne to scent your candles since this is flammable and can cause toxic fumes once burned.

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