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Updated on June 13, 2021

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Our Guide To Making Rose Scented Candles

If you like the welcoming smell of rose and its floral scent, you might be wondering if you could make your own custom rose-scented candle at home?

How To Make Rose Scented Candles?

Making a rose-scented candle project is much easier than you think, to capture the aroma of rose candles you will need rose fragrance oil or essential oil, wax and even some dried rose petals for a decorative touch.

Down below, we've put together a guide which will explain the difference between rose fragrance oil and essential oil, the benefits of making your own scented candle, the how-to and some common troubleshooting issues.

Scented Rose Oil Vs Rose Essential Oil - What's Better?

When scenting your rose candle you will have a decision between choosing scented rose fragrance oil or rose essential oil. 

Rose scented candle oil is much cheaper than rose essential oil and still gives a great floral smell to your candle, however, it is chemically made. Rose essential oil on the other hand is more expensive but much more natural and has many health benefits as a natural purifier.

Benefits Of Making Your Own Scented Rose Candle

Making your own scented candle is a great alternative to buying paraffin wax candles and allows you to customise the scented candle to the scent you want. 

Benefits Of Making Your Own Scented Rose Candle

We've listed the benefits of making your own scented candle below.

Our Step By Step Guide On How To Make Your Rose Candle

Making your homemade candle is much more simple than you think as long as you have some candle wax on hand and some rose scent oil for the fragrance.

We've listed a step-by-step guide down below which will take you through the process.


How To

  1. Put your wax into a non-stick pan and heat over low heat, put in 10 drops of rose-scented oil and tint the wax with so crayon, stir into the wax until melted.
  2. Wrap the wick around the pencil then place it in the center of the jar, and pour the melted wax into the jar.
  3. Let the wax set then at about 30 minutes, sprinkle the sugar sprinkles on top. 
  4. Allow the candle to harden and snip the wick then light up!

Tips For Making Your Scented Candle 

If you are making your first homemade candle, it might not turn out the way you want it to since there are many things to consider during the candle-making process such as wax temperature and wick size. 

We've listed some essential tips for your candle making project below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Rose Scented Candles

 Are paraffin candles bad for you?

Paraffin candles are used by many scented candle companies, they are bad for you because they emit toxic fumes when they burn, better alternatives are soy wax or beeswax.

How many fragrance drops should I put in a rose-scented candle?

We would recommend starting with a smaller amount than you think. Around 7-10 drops should be sufficient.

Can I make a candle with perfume?

No, making a candle with perfume is very dangerous, first of all, perfume is flammable and it will also give off chemicals as it is burnt down.

What are the most popular scents of candles?

The most popular scents of candles are lavender, vanilla, and gingerbread.

Does the Diptyque Rose candle smell good?

The Diptyque rose candles are one of their most popular scents and is described as being fresh and floral, making them ideal for anyone who wants a high-quality rose-scented candle.

How do I make a rose candle pink?

You can use crayon wax broken up and allow it to melt into slightly cooled wax to get a pink colour, you can also use tints especially made for candle colouring.

Last Words

Overall, rose scented candles are very easy to make, you can either use rose fragrance oil or essential oil to make the candles. We recommend using natural wax such as soy and adding rose petals through a decorative touch.

How To Make Rose Scented Candles?

It might take a few tries to make your scented candle till you get the fragrance ratio right, so don't be disheartened if your scent doesn't turn out exactly how you want.

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