How To Make A Scented Candle Last Longer?

Updated on May 31, 2021

When you make a scented candle, you want it to be mild and strong. There are three main reasons why you want your scented candle to be mild.

It is more difficult to make a strong scent last when it is strong; It is more pleasant to use a soft scent. Strong scents tend to overpower the room or room scent, so you don't want those to over power your room scent.

Candles are a wonderful way to add that scent to your life that you’ve been searching for. They are easy to make and easy to burn, and they are a great way to add the scent of your favorite flowers, perfume, or essential oils to your home.

But remember the old saying about a note in the wind? Well, there is a reason that saying is used.

Candles can be a very sensual item to use, and there are some simple steps you need to follow to make them burn longer and smell better.

Ways to make your scented candles last longer

To make your scented candles last longer, there are a few things you can do to help prolong their life. The best thing to do is to keep them in a cool, dry place.

Another tip is to use the highest quality wax in your candles. The cheaper wax will yield a lower quality product, which means your wax will shrink more than in a higher quality wax.

Also, try not to get the wax too hot. If you're using paraffin wax, keep the temperature under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also increase the life span of your scented candles by placing them in a glass jar with a top. This will prevent humidity from entering the jar and hitting your wax, which can increase the amount of time.

Here some more tips you can follow:

You might think that once you've bought a candle you can light it up and forget about it, but it can be quite the opposite. First, your candle is likely to have a wick that's slightly bigger than the one that came with it.

You may have trimmed it a little bit, but it's still not a perfectly straight pipe. A longer wick is going to burn hotter, which means faster evaporation of the candle's fragrance, and thus a shorter burn-time.

To make your scented candles last longer, you need to trim the wick to a uniform length of about 10mm. This prevents the fragrance from escaping from the jar, and means the candle will burn longer.

If you've ever used a scented candle, then you know how quickly they burn through their wax and drip out over the night.

If you're a candle lover, you need to know that the wax in your candles has a very short shelf life, so if you don't extinguish them correctly, they will burn all the way down and you'll have to buy more.

The traditional method of placing scented candles is on a windowsill, in a room or at the fireplace. However, if you don't want your scent to be overpowering, consider placing your candles in a bathroom or a bedroom.

Certain rooms are more conducive to a good candle burn, such as a bathroom because the scent will linger longer. A bedroom may be a good choice because the candle will burn faster, making the scent dissipate faster.

From the moment you light your candles, you want them to last. And it is especially important that your scented candles last so you can use more of them, and for longer.

This is where you may find yourself in the same situation with scented candles as many people do with perfumes, perfume oils, and even aftershave lotions.

As the moon sets and the sun rises, so too does your scented candle wick. As the wax hardens over time, your candle will lose its scent, and as you burn through wax, its fragrant notes will slowly fade away.

To keep your scented candle burning longer, you should occasionally dip it in an unscented candle tester. The wax from the unscented candle will soften the scent of your scented candle, giving it a longer life.

If you have ever used candles, you will know how much of a hassle they can be to manage. Cleaning up after a party, for example, is hard enough as it is, but when you have been burning candles for most of the day, it can be even more of a task.

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