How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles? Learn Here

Updated on May 31, 2021

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Our Guide To Making Scented Olive Oil Candles

If you're looking to make natural scented candles, you might have a great ingredient in your kitchen that you haven't considered, olive oil!

Olive oil can be made into candles with some herbs to make them more fragrant, you can also use fragrant olive oil to scent candles with proper wax.

How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles?

Down below we've composed a short guide to take you through how to make both types of candles.

Our Guide To Making Herb-Scented Candles 

Olive oil candles are simple to make and can be infused with a variety of herbs depending on the type of herbs that you have on hand. 



  1. First of all start by massaging your herbs to release their natural oils and scents and trim your gauge wire so that they are 5 inches long.
  2. Trim your wicks so that they can be 2 inches above your jar.
  3. Wrap your wire over the edge of the jar with the wick so that it can remain upright.
  4. Now pour your olive oil into the jar till it gets to the top and pushes in the herbs so they can infuse into the oil.
  5. Light up and enjoy! The simple candle will become even more fragrant over time once the herbs infuse. 

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Our Guide To Making Olive Oil Scented Candles 

If you're not keen on using actual olive oil for your candles, you can always use fragrance oil instead. All you will need is some olive oil fragrance for the job. 

How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles?


How To

  1. Start by melting the soy wax with a double boiler method, and attach some glue to the bottom of the wick to keep it in a central position.
  2. After melting, allow the wax to cool for a little bit then you can add in your green candle dye and olive oil fragrance. Adjust the drops according to the strength that you want.
  3. Pour the wax into the candle container and allow it to set using a pencil to hold the wick in place and the centre.
  4. Allow the candle to set for 24 hours in total then light.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Making Olive Oil Scented Wax Candles

Are oil-based candles safe?

Yes, oil-based candles are safe since the candle temperature is very low inside and therefore will not smoke or burn.

Are soy based candles better than paraffin candles?

Soy based candles are better than paraffin candles because the wax is all natural, paraffin candles release chemicals when they are burned so are unsafe.

Soy based candles do tend to be cheaper than beeswax candles, however.

Can I mix olive oil and wax?

Yes, olive oil and wax can be mixed, it can help your candle to hold its scent better as a carrier oil. You simply add the olive oil into the wax the same way you do with fragrance drops. 

Can I put coconut oil in a candle?

Coconut oil is normally mixed into natural waxes such as beeswax or soy wax, this is to help the candle hold scent rather than just making it like a regular candle with pure wax.

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How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles?

Last Words

Overall, scented olive oil candles are super easy to make, whether you use olive oil as your candle base with herbs infused or mixed into wax. You can also use olive oil fragrance drops for a stronger scent.

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