How To Make Scented Candles With Soy Wax? Your Guide Here

Updated on May 31, 2021

There are so many different types of candles on the market today that it can be difficult to know where to begin, let alone where to end up! So many companies use additives to help scents last longer and add a more luxurious feel to the candles.

Nowadays many candles are made with paraffin wax which is an easily available and inexpensive wax. The downside is that this wax does not have a long shelf life and it is not as strong smelling as soy wax.

Soy wax has a much longer shelf life and contains a higher concentration of scent, making it a better candle wax to use.

Soy wax is a wax made from soybeans and it is one of the most popular waxes used by candle makers. Soy wax has a very low melting point, making it perfect for making candles.

Soy wax can be used by candle makers for both hot and cold-process waxes. Soy wax can easily be melted and used to make candles. Candles are one of the world's favorite ways to celebrate and remember special occasions.

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Materials Needed

Making candles is a great hobby. There are a lot of different types of candles, from votives to pillar, there are also containers for your candles. The container choice is important, as it will affect the finished candle size.

Soy wax is a type of wax used to create a candle which smells better than other waxes.

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax made from soybeans, which have been used for centuries for their natural wonders. It is composed of 50% oil and 50% wax. It's also "all natural" and "organic".

Moreover, coconut oil wax can also be a good option, read our article about Coconut wax vs. Soy wax, to know which one is best.

You don't have to be a master candle maker to make scented candles. All you need is a few things from the home store and a few basic ingredients. Just be careful when you mix the ingredients, so you don't burn your fingers off.

Making your own scented candles is a fun and rewarding experience for anyone who has a love of the fragrant. There are a number of steps involved including measuring and preparing materials.

These steps are simple and should not take too long to complete. All you need is a small amount of time and patience to begin.


Step 1: Melt the wax.

The first step in making a scented candle is to melt the wax. To do this you need a double boiler. I use a small saucepan with a small saucepan on top.

The heat from the candle wax can be very intense, so I use a glass container that I can lift out of the water. The wax will melt more quickly in glass than in metal.

This is also a great way to try out different supplies for making the candle before committing to the final product!

Step 2: Prepare the container.

The container in the previous step is very important, as you need enough air to fill the container and can't overfill it.

Step 3: Add the fragrance oil

You're almost there! You'll need a couple of things before you can seal your candle correctly. I find that one of the easiest ways to get the scent to stick where I want it to is to use a small amount of water and a cotton swab to dab the oil where I want it.

It's a good idea to test the scent before you seal the candle to make sure you get the right amount of scent.

Another good tip is to practice with a candle that has a smaller diameter than the one you'll be using, because when the candle warms up, the scent will release a lot faster and you don't want a mess!

To do this, we'll add our fragrance oil to the soap mixture. In this step, we'll be adding 1 tablespoon of fragrance oil to each of our 4 soap base containers.

Step 4: Pour the Candle

With this step completed, the candle should have solidified and you are ready to pour the wax. Pour the rest of the melted wax carefully over the wick, making sure it reaches all the way to the bottom of the container.

Once the wax is all poured in, cover the container with the lid and leave the candle to cool and harden.

Great! now your candle is done, you've made it through all the steps and its all ready to be poured into your jar. However you must be careful not to overfill the jars.

It is better to err on the side of too little rather than too much, and this is because over-pouring can cause the candle to end up too hot and burn out prematurely.

Step 5: Let the Candle Set

Step 5 is the most important step. If you rush this step, the candle could fail or your finished product could be unsatisfactory. The purpose of this step is to fully dry the wax before applying fragrance oil.

The best way to do this is to either leave the candle in a warm place (or in a warm oven) that is not too drafty, or to set up a fan blowing in the hot air. To do this, place the candle on a heat resistant surface and set the fan to its highest setting.

Once the wax has reached the desired temperature, remove the candle from the heat source and allow it to cool for a few minutes.

So you've finally made your scent candle, which should now be sitting in your bathroom, ready to be devoured in a few days time. Now, you probably want to know the best way to let it set properly, so that you get the best results.

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Benefits of using soy wax scented candles

Soy wax candles burn for a long time and use a lot less wax than paraffin wax ones. They are also more environmentally friendly. There are a lot of reasons to use soy wax scented candles. Here are some of them:

Soy wax scented candles are used in a variety of ways. They are generally used as a home fragrance or can be lit as a candleholder in a room. Moreover, there are soy wax frosting issues. Read our article about the reasons behind soy wax frosting.

Some people use them for their appearance, to help maintain a specific style, such as a "traditional" or "modern" appearance. It is also common to use them in a more utilitarian role, such as to scent rooms, offices, or the entire house with the scent.

Some people use them to set the mood for certain activities, such as a romantic evening, or a quiet dinner for two.

Also has health benefits 

Candles are great for many things, from lighting up the living room on a cold night, to making a romantic meal more special, or for even creating a unique atmosphere for you and your friends.

Below are some of the health benefits of using soy wax scented candles.

The health benefits of soy wax candles are numerous. In addition to the traditional health benefits of candles, soy wax candles can also help you to lose weight.

Help with nerve pain, help clear up your sinuses, help with asthma and allergies, help with headaches and migraines, and can even help you to sleep better and more soundly.

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