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How To Make Wine Scented Candles? Find Out Here!

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If you are someone who enjoys sipping a glass of wine while lighting romantic candles, then wine scented candles are for you!

These beautiful candles are not just perfect gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, but are also great to use if you just want a quick escape and relaxation.

DIY candles with your favorite fragrance are already a thing and making these handmade candles is just a piece of cake.

Instead of buying wine scented candles, you can just opt to make your own.

So, if you really want to make wine scented candles, you just need to make sure that you have all the needed candle making supplies and your favorite wine scent to mix it with.


The process of creating wine scented candles is not as difficult as it may sound.

Here are a few steps that will help you for your homemade candles:

1. Prepare a heat resistant glass containers, glass jars, or jar candle, wine, wicks, and candle wax (natural soy wax, beeswax, etc.)

2. You will also need a double boiler. By using a double boiler, you will be able to melt the wax without the risk of burning it.

3. Add a few drops of wine to the wax.

4. Mix together the wine and wax thoroughly so that the scent is incorporated into the wax.

5. You can also opt to add a coloring dye into your mixture if you want fun-looking candles.

5. Pour the wax into your candle containers. 

6. Let it cool and harden.

7. Enjoy the beautiful candles!

Types of wine you can mix with your candles

The type of wine you choose for your handmade candles plays a huge role in the success of your candle. If you have a special bottle, it can be the difference between a decent candle and a great one.

The type of wine has a major effect on the characteristics of the scent emitted from your candle. There are many types of wine that go well with different types of scented candles.

The first step in putting together your own wine scented candles is choosing what type of wine to use. There are all types of wine, from the fruity varieties to the more robust reds.

There are many types of wine that go well mixing with your candles, some of which are:

  • Table Wine

The best type of wine for your wine scented candle is a table wine because it has a great thick texture and produce great candle scent, plus it doesn’t burn quickly.

  • White Wine

White wine is also good if you are trying to create something subtle but again it burns quickly.

  • Red Wine

Red wine is a good option because it has a long burning time and works well in large candles.

  • Rose Wine

Rose is not only a flower but a type of wine as well. To make a scented candle with a rose in the scent, you can use Rose Wine.

  • Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a clear wine. It’s used as liquid perfumed in candles. It may also be used in other products such as incense or air fresheners.

The smell of sparkling wine is often used for children’s rooms.

What is a double boiler method?

Double-boiler is an effective method that can be used in candle making and is a technique that is centered around the use of two containers.

It consists of a metal container that can hold boiling water and a metal bowl that is suspended above the water. The upper bowl with the boiling water is used to melt the candle wax.

How to make wine bottle candles?

One of the perfect craft ideas is turning your empty glass of wine into candle jars. This craft project is as easy as it seems.

You just need to clean the bottles and let them dry. Then, cut the bottles into your preferred shape using a cutter blade. Insert the wick into the bottles and pour in wax.

The cost savings of DIY wine scented candles

Retailers charge a markup on the sale of candles. In addition to the purchase cost, they also increase the price through their own markup.

Therefore, making your own candles will save you money. You can just make your own candles by using inexpensive wine.

This way you can make sure you are getting the best quality candles as well as saving money.

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