How Do Candle Warmers Work? Here’s A Quick Way To Use Candle Warmers!

Updated on July 15, 2021

When it comes to glass jar candles, there are some dangers attached to the products. However, candle warmers can be an effective way of mitigating risks associated with them.

How Do Candle Warmers Work?

How do candle warmers work? Different types of candle warmers work in different ways. One can act as a shield for traditional candles to burn without issue, while others melt wax with bulbs to avoid a flame entirely. 

Of course, using what is essentially a lamp will require replacement bulbs, and the avid candle burner will note that the wax does melt at a slower rate. 

If you are using a scented type of candle, then these can be a great way to distribute the aroma around a room in your house without the dangers of traditional candles and fire. 

Other candle warming products don't use electricity however, and can serve both as a heat insulator and a heat shield for glass jar candles. 

Candle warmers are a very popular product nowadays, so check with your favorite candle company as they may even produce one themselves. 

A candle manufacturer will often make candle accessories such as candle warmers, on top of traditional candles or other products. 

Still, there may be some confusion about candle warmers. Are candle wax warmers different? Is the scent distribution any better compared to burning the original candle?

Fortunately for you, we can answer any questions you may have about candle warmers, the difference between candle warmer variations, and the pros and cons of using this product. 

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What is a Candle Warmer?

There are two main types of candle warmers commercially available. The first being an electric bulb, designed to melt an unmelted candle. 

This produces a long lasting scent from the candle wax if it is scented, without the need for an open flame. 

The warmer bulb of the lamp light acts as a heat source, slowly melting the wax over time just as a flame on a wick would do. 

Some even come with a specially designed halogen bulb to also cut down on energy costs, electricity bills, and be more environmentally friendly. 

Typically one of these candle warmers will use a 15- to 40 watt bulb in order to melt the candle wax efficiently and effectively. 

The other type of candle warmers on the market are not electric, and instead look more like a small vase that wraps around a stash of candles. 

The pleasing scent of your candle can still be amplified for a stronger scent throw (smell range), without concerning yourself with glass jar explosions. 

The candle wax holder heat is spread more evenly around this other form of candle warmer, which is usually made of a ceramic material. 

Why Would You Need a Candle Warmer?

Many people have a romantic association with candles; however, the romantic associations that some people have with their candles may make them reluctant to burn them down.

Why Would You Need a Candle Warmer?

Candle users can extend the life of their flame by using candle warmers. These handy devices warm up their candle until it burns evenly and provides a pleasant atmosphere for relaxing.

A candle warmer allows you to extend the life of your candle by keeping it burning longer after it burns down to its base level.

A regular candle burns down to its base level around 20 minutes; however, using a warmer allows you to keep your candle burning for as long as you want.

While many people use candles for decoration purposes rather than as lighting sources, preserving the scent of candles can be quite important as well.

Additionally, using a warmer preserves the candle’s scent and prevents your room from smelling strongly of wax.

Lastly, choosing the right warmer for your needs is essential for a good night’s sleep. That's right, you can fall asleep with a scented candle giving you everything you could want out of it. No need to worry about burning the house down with an open flame. 

For the non-electric models of warmers, they are actually very effective safety devices. Although they still need a lit wick, so don't leave them unattended and sleep with them on. 

This is because they spread the heat from the flame evenly across a wider surface area, relieving the pressure placed on the candle's container and material. 

This can prevent candle glass explosions, unexpected candle fires, and other unwanted accidents from occuring. 

How to Use a Candle Warmer

To use a warmer, first find an appropriate place to set your candle. This might be on a table or shelf that will receive enough heat from the warmer’s base. 

Next, find an insulated container that will hold the wax and place your wick inside this container so that it extends out of the warmer’s base unit.

Put some melted wax into the warmer’s insulated container, and then place your wick in there too. This is so that you have enough wax on hand when you are ready to use your warmer.

Finally, set the timer on your burner unit so that you can fall asleep with your flame burning safely in its warmer state.

Benefits of a Candle Warmer

Unless you have a defective item, then you can enjoy a range of benefits from candle warmers. The scent of wax melts just being one of the many bonuses you can enjoy. 

Because of the slow melting rate, you actually end up with a stronger and longer lasting scent from electric candle warmers. 

Quality jars candles also don't get wasted by using a candle warmer to amplify, and prolong their use instead of burning them outright. 

Most supermarkets stock items ideal for the candle enjoyer, but you can also easily find many reliable and well reviewed products online. 

With online shopping taking off with a big boom in recent decades, you should expect a prompt time of shipment as well. 

The shorter the time of shipment, the sooner you can be enjoying the candle warmer and your candles once again. 

Downsides to a Candle Warmer

Although time of shipment may not be your chief concern, you should be worried about ordering a defective item online. As such, reading reviews are important. 

Downsides to a Candle Warmer

Some candle warmers also have the complete opposite effect to the one that is most often desired, that is producing a weaker scent. 

Having these warmers and heaters near a wall is also problematic, as excess heat has been known to melt wallpaper over time and force it to be replaced. 

Let's find out here how long do wax melts.

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