How To Light A Candle Without A Lighter? Find Out Here!

Updated on August 19, 2022

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How To Light A Candle Without A Light? Know 6 Ways To Do So!

How To Light A Candle Without A Light

It's the middle of winter, and you're all cozied up in your bed, ready to sleep. But as you reach for that last candle on your bedside table, you realize don't have a lighter! What are you going to do? How to light a candle without a lighter?

If you find yourself in this predicament, don't worry - there are still plenty of ways that you can light your candle (even in a hotel room). Here are a few methods that you can try these 6 methods to light a candle without a lighter.

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Use a match

If you don't have a lighter, the most obvious option is to use matches to light a candle. Aside from being one of the oldest techniques to light a candle, these methods are also very easy and straightforward to execute.

The primary disadvantage of using a match is that you risk burning yourself. Because the wicks on skinny candles tend to decrease in length rather rapidly, you must hold them at an angle to light candles. Matches make this procedure much more difficult, especially if the candle wick is extremely low and your hand cannot go into the container.

You might try inverting the candle and lighting it that way. Matches are a great option since they can be bought almost anywhere. This makes them very accessible since matches are both readily available and a typical item found in homes.

Use strove

If you don't have any matches on hand, you may use anything else in your home to light a candle; all you need is some creativity. Your electric stove burner is an excellent place to start if you want to learn how to set a candle without a lighter.

To warm them up, merely turn on the burner and wait until they reach the desired temperature. Then, it should catch fire immediately while touching the candle's wick to the cooktop. Longer candles (especially soy wax candles) with wider diameter burn better for this purpose since shorter candles often do not allow the wick to come into contact with the electric stove's surface. You may still light a short candle using a cooktop if you have access to appropriate equipment, even if it has a shorter wick.

You'll need another item that can catch fire without being dangerous. With contact with a heated surface, an average spaghetti noodle or q-tip can easily become a long wick. For this plan, heaters, ovens, and even toaster ovens may all be used.

Use a magnifying glass.

A magnifying glass may be used to focus light on a folded-up piece of paper to set it on fire. This method takes some finesse, but it might work if you work outside or have lots of natural light. A magnifying glass can concentrate light on a rolled-up piece of paper and ignite the paper.

If you're having trouble, try moving the lens until a brilliant light point appears on the page. It might take some trial and error to find the best angle, and you may have to keep the light focused on the paper for a few seconds before it's hot enough to catch fire. After lighting the candle, ensure that the fire in the paper is put out as soon as possible, so you don't unintentionally start a fire.

Use a flint

If you brought only the essentials on your nature hike, hopefully, you remembered to pack a little flint so that you could start a fire. If not, try looking for something made of iron to rub against the flint, like the blade of an ax or a non-galvanized metal tent post. Once you have some sparks, carefully create a tiny pile out of paper towels or toilet paper and continue rubbing it against the flint until flames appear.

How To Light A Candle Without A Light

To start the fire, vigorously rub the flint down the length of the paper. You'll see tiny pieces of iron break off and create sparks. If you're lucky, this will light your candle.

Use Q-tip method

If you're struggling to move the flame from the cooktop to the candle's wick, Light a Q-tip and use it as a torch. Once it's lit, quickly ignite the wick with the new flame. Although gas stoves are usually best for this purpose, electric ranges can also work if you're careful.

Place the cotton tip of the swab on the rim of the burner after turning it to its highest setting and waiting a few minutes. As soon as the cotton swab catches fire, light your candle within that same moment.

If you don't have any Q-tips, another option is to use a small candle. We had the most success with this method when we used a gas range, but unfortunately, it didn't work as well when we tried it with an electric burner.

Use a battery and foils method.

Try this approach only if you have no other options, as it is complex and risky. You will need a battery and a strip of aluminum foil or a piece of tin foil.

This will be your last resort if you are in a power outage with no working electrical heating. However, the battery and foil approach is fantastic since the only items you need are ones that are often found around every home.

You'll need a battery, such as a AA or AAA, and some aluminum foil. Following that, you'll cut the aluminum foil into a strip three-quarter of an inch wide or double the battery's length and fold it in half. Then softly press the middle to create a crease by placing the ends of the strip so that they are flush with both ends of the battery.

When a gas is burned in an aluminum tube, the metal gets heated as an effect of electricity flowing through it. The wick must be sparked by the portion at the center of the strip. While this approach has advantages, keep in mind that it comes with significant risks.

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