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Can I Light Scented Candles In A Hotel Room?

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Can I Light Scented Candles In A Hotel Room?

Is It Legal To Light Scented Candles In A Hotel Room? – Our Guide

Scented candles are great for creating a cosy vibe in your home, allowing you to wind down after a long day. However, many people wonder if it’s okay to light scented candles in a hotel room due to policies and rules surrounding fire and safety.

Is It Legal To Light Scented Candles In A Hotel Room?

In our short article below, we’ve discussed the risks around the lighting of candles in a hotel room, if the policy on lighting candles is allowed, as well as some tips and alternatives for traditional candles to create the ambience without the fire risk.

The Risks Of Lighting A Scented Candle In A Hotel Room 

Before you go ahead with the lighting of candles in your hotel room, you have to consider the risks associated with the burning of candles and also check if your hotel policy on candles allows this.

  • Air pollution – Burning candles in a closed room can affect air quality without you knowing; for example, paraffin wax emits chemicals and lead core wicks when burned. Most modern candles are fine to burn enclosed, but some scents can irritate people, so you must be mindful when lighting your candles.
  • Fire hazard – Although not common, there is a fire hazard when burning candles in any space. They could get knocked over or left unattended and start a fire or when placed too close to something flammable like curtains or wood furniture.
  • Setting off smoke alarms – The burning of candles could set off a fire alarm, although it is unlikely since modern fire alarms are not too sensitive. Blowing out candles could produce a fair amount of smoke, but it is possible to snuff them more safely.

Do Hotel Policies Ban Lighting Candles? 

Apart from the lighting of candles being a fire hazard, it can also defy hotel policy if you are not careful. 

Do Hotel Policies Ban Lighting Candles? 

Most hotels have a policy against having an open flame in your hotel room due to the fire risk and safety of other guests. However, many don’t have explicit advice surrounding lighting candles. 

If lighting a candle in your modern hotel room was to cause any damage, the guest would like to be liable since it’s an open flame. Therefore most hotel policies advise against lighting a candle in your hotel room.

Tips For Safely Burning Candles (In Any Room!)

Candle lighting can be done in any room as long as you’re correctly following candle safety tips to avoid setting off smoke alarms or causing potential fires. 

  • Use candle holders – Candle holders are a great way to keep a candle stable and prevent it from getting knocked over by accident. Choose a non-flammable material for your candle holder, like heat-resistant glass or metal.
  • Never leave a candle alone – Do not leave a candle burning unattended for extended periods; this allows accidents to happen, which can be preventable.
  • Choose a safe candle and trim the wick – To keep the candle scent and candle soot clean, choose clean candles made with natural waxes and cotton wicks. Also, trim your wick each time to reduce the amount of soot and stale smoke.
  • Open the window – Keep ventilation when burning candles by keeping windows open. This also allows the candle scent to diffuse and stops it from building up in the room and leeching into permeable fabrics.
  • Refrain from burning the candle too low – Avoid leaving your types of candles to burn down too low. This could cause the holder to break and potentially cause a fire or shatter. Around 2 inches is the rule.
Tips For Safely Burning Candles (In Any Room!)

Alternatives To Candles For A Cosy Ambiance In Your Hotel 

If you’re planning to have fancy hotel room service or want the ambient lighting to relax after a long day, the good news is that you can find plenty of alternatives to candles that don’t pose fire risks. 

We’ve listed a few alternatives to consider – 

  • Essential oil diffusers – If you’re after a relaxing scent, essential oil diffusers can be an excellent alternative to candles since they don’t use fire, all you need is your oil and electricity.
  • Battery-powered candles – Battery-powered candles might not give you the same scent as candles, but they provide ambient lighting without the fire risk.

Final Words 

Overall, the lighting of candles tends not to be allowed in hotel rooms, and most have a ban on candles since they have an open flame which could potentially cause fires and be a risk to other guests.

Alternatives To Candles For A Cosy Ambiance In Your Hotel 

As another option, a battery-powered flameless candle could be a great choice or an essential oil burner. Never burn candles in a hotel without permission; otherwise, you could be liable for any consequences.


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