Can You Make A Candle Out Of Ear Wax? (Or That Just Shrek?!)

Updated on September 25, 2022

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Is It Possible To Make A Candle From The Ear Wax?

can you make a candle out of ear wax (like shrek)

You must have searched on Google to find the answer to the question, “Can you build a candle out of earwax? ” if you have happened onto this site. “I have no choice but to acknowledge that that is quite likely the strangest thing I have ever been asked, and it is also sort of revolting.

You may have just finished watching Shrek and seen how he made a candle out of earwax. Who is to say? Could it be that Shrek was the spark that got you thinking about making an earwax candle?

I find that I am intrigued about it today, and given that I create candles, I believe it is my responsibility to investigate it and deliver you the answers.

In light of this information, I will now discuss whether or not it is possible to manufacture a candle out of earwax. Okay, let’s get to work!

Should you make a candle from ear wax?

Let’s begin this strange essay by explaining the major question. Earwax candles may have some potential drawbacks, which I will discuss in more depth in a little, but first, let’s talk about the upsides.

Is it possible to fashion a candle out of earwax? Earwax is not an appropriate form of wax for candlemaking since it does not melt during the burning process and instead produces a crackling sound instead of an explosive vapor. Earwax may only be used in candles if combined with other waxes, specifically beeswax, paraffin, or soy. There is no other method to use it.

Due to the wax qualities that it possesses, earwax would not be an ideal material for the production of a candle.

I now want to dive a bit deeper and tell you what additional obstacles you may have to leap if you do decide to move through with the experiment.

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How to Make a Candle From Ear Wax?

1. Pour Some Melted Wax Into Your Container

Pour some melted wax into a clean glass jar. Use a spoon to stir the wax so that it doesn’t harden too much.

2. Add Essential Oil To Your Wax

Add essential o the wax. Choose one that smells good to you and helps ease your symptoms.

3. Let It Sit For 24 Hours

Let the mixture sit overnight. After 24 hours, you can remove the wax from the container using a spoon.

4. Pour the Wax Into Your Candles

Use a funnel to transfer the wax into your candles.

5. Light Them Up!

Light the waxy candles until they start to smoke. Then extinguish them.

6. Store Your Candles Safely

Store your candles in a cool, dark place.

7. Enjoy Your New Candles!

You now have a new candle to enjoy.

3 reasons why you should not use ear wax for making candles

1. Sourcing

In our opinion, earwax candles will be quite challenging to manufacture simply because this rationale exists.

Where on earth do you think you’ll find enough earwax to satisfy your needs? You will have to put it aside for several years to have enough, or you will have to ask your loved ones and friends for it.

That is not something I would recommend doing at all.

2. Bad smell

Who in their right mind has never caught a whiff of their earwax?

Earwax comprises sebaceous gland secretions, dry, dead skin cells, and any other debris or filth that has made its way into the ear canal, in addition to a few drops of your sweat.

The odor of the material is frequently rather unpleasant. If you burn your earwax candle, I can guarantee that your home will immediately begin to smell very strong within a very short time.

The phrase “scented candle” would take on a whole new significance as a result.

3. It burns

The yellow candle wax in a regular candle will melt and release a vapor while it burns. This is the process that takes place when the candle is lit. It is the vapor itself that is slowly burning together with the candle in this scenario.

Sadly, earwax does not dissolve in such a way and does not form a vapor when heated. It does little more than burn, crackle, and expel small fragments of burning wax as it does so. A different kind of candle wax combined with earwax might be a defense mechanism against this. On the other hand, if you have access to this other wax, wouldn’t you manufacture a candle out of it if you had the chance?

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What is the best way to remove earwax at home?

Remedy for earwax removal can be tricky. If you don’t know how to clean your ears properly, you could end up causing permanent damage. Luckily, there are some safe ways to go about doing it.

The most common method involves having your doctor or dentist perform the procedure. But if that isn’t possible, here are a few tips to help you get rid of dark earwax at home.

1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide Drops

You can buy hydrogen peroxide drops online or in drug stores, which is one of the most effective earwax softening drops. These work well because they’re very gentle on the skin. You’ll want to place one drop inside each external ear canal. Wait 10 minutes to see if the drops dissolve the waxy substance buildup. Then repeat the process every day for several weeks.

2. Try Using A Bulb Syringe

Use a bulb syringe to pull out the earwax blockage gently. Don’t worry; the liquid won’t hurt you. Just insert the tip into the outer ear canal, squeeze the bulb, and pull away. Repeat this process every day for several months.

3. Try Wax Removal Ointment

Wax removal ointments are available over the counter. They contain chemicals that soften the wax and allow it to come off easily. Apply them directly to the earwax drain and wait 20 minutes before rinsing. Do this daily until the wax comes out naturally.

4. Try Wax Extractor

A wax extractor works by heating the wax and then sucking it through a tube. The device looks like a vacuum cleaner and is usually used to suck dirt from carpets. You may need to purchase an additional attachment to use on your ears.

5. Try Ear Cleaner Spray

An ear cleaner spray contains alcohol and water. Spray it into your auditory canal and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow this step twice a week for several months to ensure that all the wax has been removed.

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The harsh truth of ear candling

Ear candling procedure involves burning hollow candle wax into your eardrum to loosen up earwax build-ups and reduction in earwax. This process is usually performed by placing a cotton ball soaked in hot wax inside your ear canal, where it burns away the wax.

While there are many benefits to ear candling sessions, including relieving pain and reducing inflammation, it does come with risks.

For starters, ear candling is dangerous because it puts your hearing at risk. So, there are many risks of ear candling. While waiting for the wax to burn out, you’ll likely be exposed to loud noises, such as music or traffic. And since you won’t hear what’s happening around you, you may miss something potentially life-threatening.

Another problem with the process of ear candling is that it isn’t effective. When you perform ear candling, you’re just melting the wax, not breaking it up. So even though you may feel like you’ve removed the wax, the buildup will remain behind.

And finally, the effectiveness of ear candling in removing earwax is very bad. If you think ear candling will help clear up your ears, you might want to consider seeing a doctor first.

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What is ear candling?

Ear candles have a length of around 10 inches and are made up of hollow tubes. Ear cones or auricular candles are other names for these devices.

Cotton or linen thread that has been tightly wrapped into the form of a cone is what is used to make ear candles. After being dipped in beeswax, paraffin, or soy wax, the candle is allowed to solidify for some time.

Practitioners of alternative medicine sometimes provide ear candling. Others try it at home, even though this is not recommended.

Benefits of ear candling

Proponents of ear candling claim that the practice can soften earwax and remove debris and toxins from the ear canal. Ear candling, they say, is effective for the following health conditions:

Candles used for ear candling leave behind a wispy residue of wax and other debris. Candles cannot be used for treating ear conditions inside the ears because they don’t reach the interior parts of the ears. They’re not designed to treat anything but external underlying conditions.

One research concluded that the “remains” following an ear candle session were substances from the candle and not earwax, contrary to popular belief.

Scientists found scientific evidence that claims about ear candling that it does not only failed to effectively clear the ear canal of wax but also frequently left traces of candle wax in the ear.

Some proponents of the use of ear candles argue that the smoke from the candles is what actually helps to dry up the ear canal. They claim that smoking causes the following to be released from the body more frequently:

As before, these assertions concerning ear candling are not supported by any evidence.

The difference between ear candling and making a candle from ear wax

Most people may confuse ear candling with making a candle from ear wax. There are two main differences between ear candling and creating a candle from ear wax:

First, you’ll have to heat the wax when an ear candle practitioner performs ear candles. In contrast, you’ll melt the wax when making a candle from earwax. There are many benefits of ear candling, as well as drawbacks.

Second, while ear candling requires a cotton ball soaked in wax, you don’t need anything special to create a candle stub from ear wax. You only need some melted wax and a container to pour it into.

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