How To Make Scented Candles With No Essential Oils? Our Easy Guide!

Updated on May 31, 2021

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Can You Make Scented Candles Without Essential Oils?

Scented candles are easy to make at home and you don't have to have essential oils to create an amazing smelling candle either! 

To make scented candles at home you can use simple herbs and spices, dried petal leaves, tea bags or fragrance oils. All you need to do is drop your favourite scent into your candle when the wax pool starts to form on top after lighting. 

We've put together a guide below which will cover some easy ways to make scented candles without essential oils down below as well as how to make a candle with essential oils.

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Our Guide To Making Scented Candles With No Essential Oils 

There are many creative ways you can make aromatherapy candles like a commercial candle without having to have essential oils on hand. 

We've gone over three different ways to make a scented candle from natural ingredients down below. 

Tea Candles With Soy Wax

Yes, we know, tea?! Tea can be used to create a scented candle wax with some oil and extracts or fragrance oil, we will get into the details down below. 

What You Need 


Kitchen Pantry Candle 

Who said you need fancy fragrances to make a scented candle? Simply raid your kitchen for spices and candle making supplies instead and create your essential oil!

What You Need 


Soy Vanilla Candles 

A creamy vanilla soy candle wax made with vanilla extract beats any already-made candle you might find at the shops. 

What You Need 


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How To Make a Scented Candle With Essential Oil

If you do happen to have some essential oil on hand and want to get creative in making your scented candle from scratch, you can also follow our method below.

What You Need 


Frequently Asked Questions About Making Scented Candles Without Essential Oils 

What essential oils are good in candles? 

Some essential oils to try are citrus oils such as orange, lavender oils for calming effects and peppermint for cleansing.

Plenty of candle scents use a mix of essential oils and herb-scented candles to make different aromas, for example, you could combine sage and peppermint.

What can I use to hold my wick in place?

To hold your wick in place you can use a bamboo skewer or a peg and hold it across the jar or mug until the wax sets and dries.

Can I make a candle without scent? 

Yes, you can make the candles above just simply omit the oils and scented spices/herbs, this will give you a fragrance-free candle.

How do you make lavender-scented candles?

To make a lavender-scented candle you can use dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil to get the strongest aroma.

What candle making supplies do you need?

For most candle making projects you will need a wick, glass jar, soy wax or beeswax, a thermometer and your scents.

Final Words 

To conclude, making scented candles without essential oils is possible, all you need are some dried flowers, herbs, spices or fragrance oil instead. Just simply make sure to add them in after melting your wax before it dries and enjoy!

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