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How To Make Water Candle Terraria? Find Out Here!

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how to make water candle terraria

How To Make Water Candle Terraria?

The water candle in Terraria is a valuable item if you want to increase your effective spawn rates and challenge yourself in the Terraria game. 

How To Make Water Candle Terraria

You might need help with how to make this furniture item, so we’ve put together a short informational guide to help make your water candle below.

What Is A Water Candle? 

The water candle on Terraria is a blue-shaped cylinder object with a white-to-blue glow, and you can typically find one in chests or underground cavern areas of the game. 

It can also be bought from the Traveling Merchant NPC for 7 gold coins.

The water candle effect can be stacked with other items with a spawn rate increase, like a battle potion and works underground and overground. You can deactivate it by putting a torch on top of the candle.

What Is A Water Candle

How To Make A Water Candle – Our Step-By-Step Guide

Making a water candle is easier than you think on Terraria. Just follow our steps below. 

What You Need 

  • Torch. 
  • Gold bar. 
  • Candle. 
  • Workbench.

How To 

  1. First, find an area where you want to place your candle. It should be a flat, stable surface; this could be a workbench.
  2. Take the candle, gold bar and torch to craft the water candle.
  3. Take the crystal ball and candle, then go to the underground water and stand on the water.
  4. Now click your candle, and there you go, you have your water candle.
How To Make A Water Candle - Our Step-By-Step Guide

Tips For Crafting Water Candles & Using Them

Now we know how to easily craft a water candle rather than buying them, we’ve listed our best tips below on how to use them.

  • Use it strategically – Using a water candle in the game makes it significantly more dangerous. Therefore only use it when you need to farm specific screen enemies for drop points. 
  • Put it in a safe place – Make sure the water candle is safe so enemies cannot attack in holes or behind.
  • Make sure it’s in your hot bar – Having your water candle in the hot bar needs to be selected so that you can hold the candle; having it in your inventory will not work.
  • Avoid using a peace candle – The peace candle does the opposite of a water candle and decreases the enemy spawn rate. By using both at the same time, neither will affect the spawn rate.
  • Combine with other items – Combining your water candle with other things helps with the spawn rate and gives you a higher chance of finding rare enemies and items.
  • Deactivate when you need – If the hostile enemies start to become too many, deactivate the candle by putting a torch on top.
  • Enhance the effect – Having a gem corn or coral on top of the water candle can increase its effect further. 
Tips For Crafting Water Candles & Using Them

Last Words 

Overall, crafting a water candle on Terraria is simple as long as you are near water and have what you need. Just be prepared for the challenge since it will increase the enemy spawn rate by 33% and up to 50% more enemies on screen.


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