Why Is My Candle Making Crackling Noises? Should I Be Concerned?

Updated on August 22, 2022

Have you been hearing crackling noises from your favorite candles? Well, if yes, you are probably confused and wondering what is wrong with your candle. Let us clear the air for you if you found your candle making crackling noises. Candles make crackling noises for a number of reasons. These reasons can be certain impurities in the candle, long wick, and even air bubbles in the wax. The presence of extra moisture can lead to your candle making a popping sound and an irregular flame. Now, you know why your scented candle makes crackling noises.

Keep on reading and you will get to know some other essential aspects of the phenomenon. It will enable you to get a sound understanding of the sound of crackling. We will also explore the reasons for the popping sound in detail.

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Reasons Why Is My Candle Making Crackling Noises?

The popping sound is literally a dose of candle trouble. It is good to understand the reasons behind the crackling noises in detail. Below, we will explore each reason thoroughly.

Impurities In The Wax

If you leave your candles out without any proper coverings or containers, they will eventually collect dirt and debris. Because of this, your candle will cause several problems for you when you attempt to light it.

As time passes, the dirt settles down on the outside of the candle and eventually becomes part of the wax. It gives you a whole new range of problems related to your candle, including an unsteady and erratic flame and the sound of cracking. Furthermore, the grime and dirt that covers the surface of your candle lead to the expulsion of soot.

Excessive Moisture

A candle with moisture will pop and give an irregular burn. If you've put your candle in the freezer or bathroom beforehand, you might want to take it out again to warm it up before lighting it up. If you're not sure whether the fire has gone out, use water to put it out. Or did you forget to put away your candle outside? One of these reasons could have been responsible for the moisture on your candle!

You should always keep in mind that putting your candles in the freezer can be dangerous for them. Even if they seem fine when you put them there, they might not be safe anymore once you take them out again.

If you light a fire at night during wintertime, the cold air surrounding the flame will be warmed up by the heat generated from the fire. So if the jar or container gets broken, then the candle inside might also break.

Furthermore, if water gets into a candle or its wick it can negatively affect the flame. Because of this, you will see that there is an erratic burning sensation, which makes a popping or cracking noise.

Long Candle Wicks

If you don't regularly trim your wicks down to ¼ inch, they're likely to grow longer than their original size. This will help it retain carbon, so it will grow into mushrooms or become disfigured. As time goes by, you'll eventually notice that your flame is becoming erratic and unstable, causing it to pop.

Air Bubbles In The Wax

An inadequate manufacturing process often results in air bubbles trapped inside the waxy material of the entire candle. As the candle burns slowly, air bubbles are released from the wax, creating a loud pop and crackling sound.

Dust On The Candle Wax Surface

Sometimes dust or lint accumu­lates on the surface of my candles which makes them difficult to see. Candle dirt may lead to popping or cracking sounds, but only for a brief period of time. If there are lots of things like broken and charred matches and heavy dust, random small objects, and particles on the surface of candles, then this is problematic.

Lighting candles that are dusty or have any objects on their surfaces can lead to issues such as soot release. It can also potentially lead to affecting the fragrance oil in the candle.

Manufacturing Defects

The candle could be made from an incorrect blend of essential oils or with incompatible ingredients. You're stuck with this item because there aren't any returns or exchanges available for it. It would be better if you didn't keep burning this candle for too long because it could cause toxic fumes or even fire inside your house.

As long as you didn't burn down the candle 3/4 of the distance before returning it, most big box stores shouldn't be too difficult to return a candle.

Now, you clearly understand why did your candle pop when you lit it. It is time now to get into action and solve this problem. Next, we will be sharing some tips on how to resolve this problem.

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Vital Tips To Deal With The Popping Sounds Of The Candle

With these tips, you can rescue your favorite candle. Let us round them off.

You can use it to clean off any dirt and debris from the candle and it can help remove any moisture that it has collected if it was stored in your bathroom. To light your candle, first, take a piece of lint-free fabric that has been slightly dampened with water. Gently wipe the surface of the wax.

If your candle is not made with paraffin wax, don't worry too much if you accidentally leave some residue behind. Both of these wax removers are quite soft and can smear or move around during the cleaning process.

If your candle is sitting on your bathroom sink, kitchen counter, or any other place where water could be drawn into it, then you already know who's causing the problem.

Avoiding these locations or any location where there may be water sources in the house ensures that no water mishaps happen with them. You should also avoid storing candles near the refrigerator so they don't accumulate moisture.

It will keep a small and consistent flame on your candle so that it burns as designed by the manufacturer. Usually, the recommended wick length is one-quarter of an inch with a fire that is not taller than one inch.

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To keep the top of the wick clean and free of any debris, store the candle in the bathroom. You might want to consider using scented candles instead of unscented ones if they're not working for you.

If you notice that the scent has started to fade, you could use them again. Keeping your candle fresh by using the lid will help prevent the wax from dripping onto the wick.


Do Candles Explode?

When candles burn, they create heat which causes the wax inside them to melt. If the candle burns unevenly, the melted wax may become too hot and cause the glass container to break. Moisture is one of the main causes of exploding candles. Hot wax can be forced out of its way by steam created when moisture gets trapped inside a candle.

Should I Get A Candle Maintenance Kit?

Getting a candle maintenance kit is totally worth the shot. This kit includes a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper. With this kit, you not only avoid the overpowering smell of smoke by using the wick dipper or candle snuffer, but you also have a tool for regularly trimming your wick.

To properly extinguish the fire, you need to put out the flames first. If you don't, then you risk causing damage to the stove by allowing the flames to continue burning.

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In Essence - Candle Making Crackling Noises

If candles with burning issues such as cracking and popping cause a lot of black soot and are more trouble than they're worth, then don't use them. If this happens, it could mean that your candle wasn't made correctly, and if this is an old candle it might be best to return it or exchange it for another one.

If you burn candles with these issues, they may cause soot and smoke that could spoil your candle-burning experience. You also deserve to receive a fully functional product at an affordable price. Some candles may cost too much.

If you're making candles that have a tendency to pop and crack, you might want to check the wick or the material you're using to see if there's any moisture or debris inside them. Never knowingly sell a candle that has issues with popping and cracking. It can affect your candle business.

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