Can I Take Scented Candles On A Plane?

Updated on July 15, 2021

When it comes to a security check at the airport, the last thing anyone wants is to be pulled over. Especially if it means removing a personal item and risking having to lose it completely!

Can I Take Scented Candles On A Plane?

Can I take scented candles on a plane? Yes! Solid wax candles can easily be taken on board a flight, both domestic and international. Being scented makes no difference. 

However, the type of candle you plan on bringing with you will influence whether or not you can take them in with your carry on bag or not. 

While there is an association between candles and live fires, in a plane the risk of a sudden flame is actually very minimal and more than likely to occur as a result of battery failures. 

Bringing candle gifts home after a long holiday or vacation can be easy, but it's still important to know the difference between candles you can keep in the cabin and those which need to be put into cargo. 

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Taking Candles in Checked Luggage

Certain candles can only be taken with you if they are placed in your checked luggage. This type of candle is usually reserved for gel candles. 

Gel wax candles, despite their viscosity, are classed as liquids by airline security. This means that gel candles must fit into liquid limits and guidelines if you want to take them in a cabin bag. 

Since your candle box and gel candles are unlikely to be small enough (needing to be no more than 100ml, and to fit inside a small plastic bag), it is best to pack them with your clothing.

Always make sure when packing gel candles to wrap the candle in bubble wrap, as glass is infamously fragile and could break otherwise during the flight. 

Candles in Carry On Luggage

Solid candles are the best type of candle to take with you. These can go both in checked baggage and a carry on bag.

Candle wax is solid, and is therefore not restricted by liquid limits enforced by most airline companies and transport.

Glass jar candles and other regular candles will not give you much grief when it comes to passing through TSA, or other restrictive security measures in place at airports around the world.

Yankee candles are just one example of a solid candle, with firm wax that still remains soft enough to melt.

Glass jars can be difficult sometimes as they are classed as fragile items, but generally, you can get through a security checkpoint with very little scrutiny from airport security.

As far as carry on items are concerned, extra items such as solid kinds of candles are not problematic. They pose very little risk to the plane's security.

Candles in Carry On Luggage

Why Different Types of Candles Have Different Restrictions

Airport security liquids rules exist for the security of all passengers after an attempted terrorist attack was stopped thanks to vigilant staff and security. 

The attack planned to use common household liquids such as shampoo and other toiletries in order to craft an incendiary explosive. 

This naturally would have downed an aircraft in the middle of a flight, harming (or doing even worse) to everyone on board the plane. 

As such, it is important you take great care and vigilance. Follow the guidelines provided and prepare yourself fully before even leaving for the airport itself. 

Can You Take Matches and Lighters on a Plane?

People don't usually bring matches, lighters, and other dangerous items onto planes since it creates unsafe situations for other passengers.

Matches and lighter fuel make airplane travel very unpleasant for everyone. Even a box of safety matches poses a security concern when placed in a cabin bag. 

Most airplanes in the modern world don't permit smoking, meaning the need for a lighter or strike anywhere matches has been drastically reduced on board a flight. 

While some airports may permit you to carry these items, it is generally unnecessary and therefore only likely to cause you problems at the airport when packed for a carry on. 

Airport security rules are in place for the safety of everyone, both on the ground and in the air when you fly. Follow them for both your sake and your fellow passengers. 

Candle Safety on a Plane

Most candle users pack their candles safely since they're useful and beautiful. Safety comes from the way you set up your candles.

A special candle will need a special candle holder, and to be wrapped specifically t avoid unwanted damage or accidents on board a flight. 

Candle Safety on a Plane

Wrapping a single candle in bubble wrap is the best way to take care of your candle, but soft materials like clothes in luggage can also do the trick. 

Using clothes also helps maximize the efficiency of your case, and to avoid going over the baggage weight limit which would force you to dump some items or face a fine. 

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