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Updated on December 20, 2022

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What Is Candle Votive?

A lovely arrangement of candles has the uncanny ability to induce feelings of peace. But how can you decide which candle brand and style will suit your needs, given the extensive market selection? Join us in assisting!

What is a candle votive?

Candles in votive holders are an adaptable alternative that can brighten up any space, whether in your house or your place of business. Tea light and votive candles are sometimes confused with one another; nevertheless, there are significant differences between the two types of candles.

Tea lights and votive candles are both smaller and can be substituted for one another with relative ease; however, tea lights come in self-contained cups.

Contrastingly, votives are usually sold by themselves, meaning a separate votive holder is necessary to ensure that these candles are burnt safely. Pre-poured votives can be placed into holders before or after the wax dissolves and can be upcycled as new candles can be poured afterward.

Tea lights have a shorter length and a shorter burn time. Votive candles come in various sizes, but the average height is around an inch.

There isn't much difference in diameter between votive candles and tea lights; both measure between 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Tea lights and votive candles can be used in the same candle holder.

Do I need a votive candle?

Burn time, ease of cleanup, and overall cost are the primary considerations when choosing between votive and light tea candles.

First, take into account the length of time each product will burn. As a result of their diminutive size, tea lights burn for far less than four hours, making them unsuitable for usage in most situations. A votive candle is often at least an inch higher than a standard candle, so it burns significantly longer. Your home's style and how long you want the candle to burn should guide your decision between the two types of candle holders. Tea lights may be required for activities that will only last for a brief period, such as yoga sessions, religious events, or ceremonies. On the other hand, Votive candles are required for events that linger for longer, such as wedding receptions, meetings, or romantic meals.

Following that, you'll need to consider how each alternative can be cleaned up. Tea lights are convenient to use and dispose of because they are kept in metal or plastic containers, eliminating the need for any cleanup after usage. Votives, on the other hand, are meant to be melted down into the actual container. Melt the remaining wax and carefully scrape it out of the votive container before inserting a new candle. This can be done by heating the wax in a double boiler.

Finally, take into account the financial impact. Tea lights are available for a far lower price than votive candles. Some of our customers, like spas and religious institutions, buy versatile candles in large quantities from us. Tea lights are a fantastic alternative to consider when you require many candles but need each candle to burn for a short period.

Votive candles cost more than regular ones, but their burn time is astronomical. The kind of candle you require will rely heavily on the task you intend to use it for and the amount of time you need to burn.

Votive candles and ambiance

Any space can be given a cozy and welcoming vibe with the help of candles, which are not only easy to use but also relatively inexpensive. Since votives are so compact, using them to alter a room's color scheme, fragrance, or atmosphere can be done in a snap and with minimal effort.

The adaptability and timelessness of votives contribute to their widespread use. You can light a few of them in the middle of a coffee table to add a bit of charm, or you can fill a whole room with an assortment of votive candle quality that ranges in size, color, and aroma for an experience that is calm and peaceful.

Votive candles may help you bring a bit of class and peace to your environment, no matter what ambiance you're attempting to create, and this holds whether you're using them in the restroom or the breakroom.

Votive candles and candle containers

Candles in the votive form are extraordinarily flexible in that they may be incorporated into the design of virtually any room and almost any setting. Votive candles, whether scented or unscented, are an easy way to enhance the ambiance of any space while also adding a touch of class.

Several varieties of votive tall taper candles do not come with a container. It would be best to put your solid candle in a votive holder so that you don't end up with melted wax all over the place.

You can construct your votive holders, buy them at a craft fair, or find them in the home goods section of your preferred retail outlet. The possibilities are practically unlimited, and even if you alter the style of the rest of your home's decor, you may continue to utilize the same votive jar candles.

You can also purchase a votive that has already been poured. These candles have already been placed in glass containers, and all left is the lighting of votive candles and enjoying them.

Scented and unscented votives

Some individuals are extremely sensitive to smells and, as a result, favor candles that do not emit any scents. Some people wish to bring aromatherapy into their homes or business with the help of candle burns, while others want to spruce up their environment with some votives that have a subtle perfume.

When picking a scent for your votive, a lot of it comes down to personal opinion. Be careful, however, that some manufacturers acquire their scents from artificial sources and employ those in their products.

We have decided to fragrance our larger candles using essential oils that are 100% natural and derived from plants to make them scented candles. These oils include peaceful lavender, invigorating lemon verbena, and cleaning eucalyptus citrus.

Those who plan to purchase a significant number of votives would benefit from buying unscented candles. When placed in a confined space, excessively scented votives can produce an overpowering perfume, harming fragrance-sensitive people.

Similarly, restaurants and other companies that rely on taste or fragrance may use the unscented candle type to avoid impacting the overall experience they provide for their customers.

Where to use votive candles?

Votives are used in a wide variety of settings throughout the world, including private residences, places of business, restaurants, places of worship, and places where people go to take care of themselves. The range of possible applications and uses for these candles is virtually limitless due to their high versatility.

The centerpiece at the family supper might benefit from adding a few votive candles. To produce an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and calmness, use votives with perfume of lavender in a day spa or yoga class.

Alternatively, you might sprinkle unscented votives all over the restaurant to create a romantic atmosphere. Votive candles are sure to lend an air of sophistication to whatever space they are utilized in, regardless of the number of candles used.

Candles also play a significant part in the role they play in religious services. Tealight candles are common in many restaurants and businesses, but votives provide a longer-lasting option.

Burning candles is a big part of many religious practices and rituals. Still, it's important to know what ingredients the candle wax contains when selecting one for these activities.

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