Why Candle Has Black Smoke? Find Out Here!

Updated on July 15, 2021

With fragranced candles being so popular, the average candle lover may not know what to do when their candle has an issue. Especially since most candles are so well designed. 

Why Candle Has Black Smoke?

Why your candle has black smoke? The most common causes include the release of soot, which clings to the candle wick. Another common issue is an overly long wick. 

The appearance of copius amounts of smoke can be alarming for someone burning a candle, and it really should be. 

Healthy candle smoke should not be black, and black smoke indicates there is something seriously wrong with the candle you are burning. 

Thankfully, these problems are often a quick fix. However even well made candles can have a few surprise challenges here and there. 

Keeping candle flames in control is your number one safety priority, so keep an eye out for unhealthy smoke erupting from a candle container. 

Excessive smoke can make a candle dangerous, not to mention it is more likely to trigger the fire alarm in your own home or office. The smoke is also bad for your lungs and respiratory system.

Causes of Black Smoke

A smoking candle will usually have one of two reasons behind it: excess soot or a wick that is in desperate need of cutting. 

Soot is a common occurence, although it rarely causes a major issue. It mostly results as a byproduct of wooden wick candles more often than not. 

Usually soot is burned off, but in some cases it can cling to the wick and get in the way of healthy candle burns, disrupting the relaxing ambience with thick, black smoke. 

The soot can stick to walls and other surfaces in the home as well, creating a major safety concern in the average household.

The amounts of candle smoke can vary, but if you find your candle smoking without any visible soot then you should check the wick. 

The wick needs to be an appropriate length to melt the wax correctly, otherwise you are just lighting a fire in your home for no reason. 

Black smoke can be a mixture of wax and soot that appears when candle making processes are incomplete.

Causes of Black Smoke

Fixes for Black Smoke

Any candle manufacturer can tell you the easiest solutions to a black smoke problem. Especially since they have very basic causes. 

If your discover your candle smoking because of soot or an excessive wick installed by a discount candle maker, then you will only need one tool. 

Most glass container candles can be fixed fast with a pair of scissors. Even well made and properly maintained candles can be fixed with this one tool. 

You can use scissors to scrape off any soot buildup before it becomes an issue for your candle holder and produces smoke.

You can also use scissors to trim a wick that the candle manufacturer may have accidentally made slightly too long. 

Why Black Smoke is a Problem for Scented Candles

Smoke is either the breakdown of the wick or soot, or the breakdown of the hydrocarbon chain of candle wax. Either way, it can be bad for candle health. 

To start, smoke can ruin the hot scent throw of your candle, meaning yur scented candle aroma will be made less effective or even totally redundant. 

Depending on the type of scent, the smell of smoke can easily cover it up and leave you with a nasty cough to boot. 

Smoke also reduces the lifespan of a candle and the maximum burn times. Since black smoke is so hot, it speeds up wax melting and ruins your candle quick. 

Finding the right balance of heat with candle flames is therefore very important, and keeping your candle cool is just one way to help. 

Fortunately nowadays, candle makers combat black smoke by using several methods to produce less soot during their candle making processes.

Why Black Smoke is a Problem for Scented Candles

For example, some candle makers use low-temperature burners during their production; this reduces the amount of soot produced by their candles.

Scented candles are more susceptible than unscented ones to produce black smoke during the burning process, problematic since smoke ruins the aroma of scented candles. 

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