Why Are Candles So Expensive? Find Out Here!

Updated on September 25, 2022

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Why Are Candles So Expensive? 3 Reasons Explained.

Candles are useful because they can be used in different situations, from camping to romantic meals to baths. They add an extra touch of luxury. Candles can also be purchased at a variety of price points. But many of the candles available in stores now come at a very high cost; what accounts for this phenomenon?

Some candles are highly pricey for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are created from substances that are ethically sourced, ecologically friendly, one hundred percent natural, and do not support animal testing. Because they are often hand-made rather than manufactured by a machine and are produced by a premium brand, they might also be more expensive.

There may be ways to save money when buying expensive candles, but you shouldn’t have to learn to live without them. You should definitely consider buying pricey candles.

What is the reason behind candles being so expensive?

Many distinct candle brands are available today; nevertheless, some are more noticeable than others; in some cases, this is only because of the prices they provide. Some candles may be rather pricey, leading one to question what is so exceptional about those particular candles that they can be sold at such a premium.

These candles are significantly more costly than the vast majority of others for several different reasons. Let’s go over why they are so expensive so you can decide whether or not it is worthwhile to spend the money on them.

1. Candles brands are expensive

Consumers purchase candles for a variety of different reasons. It may be for additional illumination during power disruptions, camping vacations, or even a romantic evening for you and your significant other. Still, these are not the key reasons you want to do this.

Let’s be honest: the overwhelming majority of people purchase candles because they have a pleasant aroma; the fact that they are beneficial in specific contexts is only a side advantage. There is now a significant demand for scented candles, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Candles of various brands give out unique fragrances to that particular brand, and the variety of these scents & their scent throw continues to expand in tandem with the rising popularity of scented candles. You may get a candle in today’s market that has the scent of virtually any fragrance you can imagine.

There is a good chance that you will be able to locate any aroma that your heart could ever desire. The significant increase of these romantic scented candles ranges by various businesses over the past several years sadly means that the cost of these wonderful-smelling candles will go up.

This is because the companies that produce these scented candles are required to conduct a significant amount of market research before introducing a new candle boom to their line of products.

After that, they need to research the components that make up this new candle aroma to guarantee that the components they purchase meet the quality standards of their brand.

When manufacturing these high-quality scented candle ranges, candle manufacturers have a great deal of effort that goes on behind the scenes, which is one of the reasons why these candle ranges are so expensive.

2. Expensive candles burn evenly

Because of the time and effort involved in creating each scent, these more expensive scented waxes tend to burn more evenly than cheaper ones made using smaller ingredients.

One of the reasons for this is that, particularly with the larger candles, there is typically more than one wick. In addition to the components used to make these candles, this also contributes to the even burning the candle. This has the additional benefit of assisting in creating a candle that burns for a longer period.

In most cases, the more costly scented candles are also packaged in glass jars. These glass jars serve more than simply an aesthetic purpose; in addition to enhancing how the candle burns, they also extend the time customers may get used out of a single candle.

The melted wax collected in these glass jars during the burning of the candles is a byproduct of their burning. Once the candles cool down, they become solid again and are once more components of the candles.

Because this glass jar allows the wax to harden in the correct form as it cools, the candle will continue to burn evenly the next time it is lighted, even after the wax has been recycled back into the candle.

3. Expensive candles are made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients

Not only do costly candles have a pleasant aroma and a broad selection of scents to choose from, but the majority of firms that sell expensive candles also make their products allergen-free and often use only natural components in the production of their candles.

These one hundred percent natural goods have not been tested on animals, come from responsible suppliers, and are generally better for the environment.

If these higher-end companies need to invest more to create these natural-scented candles that are good for the planet, then consumers will have to pay more for their products.

This is because the businesses producing these candles need to recoup their mold investment to keep producing them.

Imagine for a moment that you have resolved to only purchase goods that are cruelty-free, vegan, and ecologically friendly; this includes the expensive candle ranges you use. If this is the case, you should expect to pay a higher price to account for the additional research that developed these items into what they are today.

Soy wax and beeswax are both hard to get hold of, so most of these high-quality luxury candle brands use paraffin wax instead.

Therefore, the corporation must acquire these natural components worldwide and transport them to manufacturing facilities. This is a procedure that will increase the cost to the customer.

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Do expensive candles worth it?

Here is the most important question is whether or not it is worthwhile to purchase pricey candles in the first place. In most contexts, candles are seen as luxury items, especially more costly scented candles. If you are interested in having a premium experience with luxe candles and have the financial means to purchase one or two of them, then the answer is that they are worth it.

Since these candles are often kind to the environment, do not test their products on animals, and responsibly obtain their materials, they are significantly better for you and the environment. If you have the opportunity to purchase these candles, you should do so.

However, as we all realize, in the real world, we must adhere to our budget and keep our expenses low, so it can be hard to come up with the cash to spend on expensive candle scents like these. If you cannot afford to buy these pricey scents on sale and you cannot afford to buy them at their normal price, then it isn’t worth going into debt to buy one of these scents because they aren’t that valuable.

How can you be safe when buying candles?

After going over the factors that contribute to the high cost of particular candles, we can now examine the many methods in which it is possible to reduce the amount of money spent on purchasing candles, including some of the most costly varieties. You can check out this article we made for you for the Best Most Expensive Candles in 2024!

If you’re looking for something special, you might be in luck because most of these pricey candles go out of stock at some point during the year. If this interests you, keep reading because you are in luck. If you are interested in purchasing an expensive candle but do not wish to spend a significant amount on it, you are in luck.

You may keep an eye out for bargains like this and then time the purchases of candles you make each year. Make sure that you get multiples of them the next time they are on sale so that you may keep them in your house for use whenever you need them.

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Buying these candles at wholesale prices could be another way for you to cut costs. You and some of your close friends and family can place an order together and purchase the candles directly from the factory. This will allow you to pay the wholesale price for the luxury candles rather than the retail price.

If you buy the bigger, more expensive candle, you will only have to change it out every year, depending on how frequently you use the candle. This will save you some money over the year. Because the larger candles have a longer burning life, purchasing them will ultimately give you a greater value for your money.

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