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Is Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business? Find Out Here!

Is Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business?

Are Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business?

For a while, rumours have been going around that Yankee Candle, one of the most popular candle companies in the world, might be going out of business, but is it true?

Are Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business?

There is no official evidence that the flagship retail Yankee candle is going out of business, the parent company, Newell Brands, has not released any official statements either, but retailers have recently dropped the brand, and there have been some office closures.

We’ve dived into some further detail below.

History Of Yankee Candle 

Yankee Candle has been around since 1969 and is well-known for its high-quality candles with various scents. They also produce diffusers and wax melts. 

Collaborating with several high-end retail stores, Yankee Candle’s line also creates seasonal candles with specific scents, proving to be one of the world’s most popular scented candle brands.

History Of Yankee Candle 

Is Yankee Candle Really Going Out Of Business?

Yankee Candles struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, as did most retail stores, due to a lack of business. However, over the years, consumer preferences are also changing. For example, many prefer natural eco-friendly candles to Yankee and Woodwick candles, mostly made with paraffin wax.

A few office positions have also been dropped, which sparked rumours.

That said, the Newell brand’s Yankee candle company is still running strong with a loyal customer base and shows no signs of quitting the business. They are still promoting on social media and have their candle brand’s Semi-annual sale each year.

Why Have Retailers Dropped Yankee Candle? 

You might be curious as to why lots of retailers have decided to drop the Newell brand’s Yankee candle company from their stores, this is because of many reasons, but some to name are the shift towards online shopping, which means shops have to be pickier at what they sell in their stores and financial disputes. 

Why Have Retailers Dropped Yankee Candle? 

For example, it was reported that the business unit Bed Bath & Beyond dropped the select candles since they wouldn’t agree to more favourable marketing and pricing terms.

Alternatives To Yankee Candle 

Although Yankee Village Newell brands company doesn’t show any signs of closing soon, there are many popular alternatives to this Newell brand’s candles if it comes to it, some even better for your health since they are natural. 

We’ve listed a few options below.

  • Bath & Body Works. 
  • Diptyque.
  • Jo Malone.
  • Nest Fragrances.
Alternatives To Yankee Candle 

Last Words

Yankee Candle is currently showing no indications of shutting down. On the contrary, they continue to create popular and high-quality candles, making them one of the number-one brands in the candle industry. 


4 thoughts on “Is Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business? Find Out Here!”

  1. I’m confused. We have been a wholesale customer since the early 70’s. We’ve heard the rumors. Not happy. I would like to place a wholesale order. ARE YOU STILL SELLING TO WHOLESALE accounts or not? If so , how do we do this? All the info I just read hints at the reason I can’t find my wholesale catalog and why I still have my Fall 2022 order blanks.Please let me know.
    Peggy Yattaw
    Hack and Livery General Store
    Acct. 1528
    401-539-7033 WED-SUN

  2. I was told by Yankee Candles that they are stopping production of Tealight Candles and now the selection of Votives is also dropping. It is a shame that this has happen.

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