How To Make Coffee Scented Candles? Find Out Here!

Updated on June 13, 2021

After seeing how a coffee addict used coffee beans and wax to make beautiful candles that both smell and look like the real thing, you are probably wondering how to make scented candles from coffee beans yourself.

Coffee scents are available in all kinds of different forms, and if you're interested in trying something new, there's no better way to do it than with coffee candles.

All it takes is some coffee beans, a heat source, and some wax. It takes effort and time to learn how to make coffee candles, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite simple.

Glass jars and molds aren't hard to find, and the basic ingredients are easy to get, but there are many variations that you can try.

Making coffee scented candles is a great hobby, however it can be a bit tricky to create a scent around the espresso.

The key to a good coffee flavor is to use the right type of beans, which in turn depends on the type of espresso machine you are using.

Because the beans are ground up, you can easily add a pinch of coffee grinds to the wax.

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What you need to get started

The simple act of burning a coffee candle is a great way to start the day, but what about when you want to give the scent of a cup of coffee to your home?

Coffee scents are available in all kinds of different forms, and if you're interested in trying something new, there's no better way to do it than with coffee candles.

All you need is a few supplies:

Guide to make coffee scented candles

Candle-making is probably one of the oldest forms of DIY projects that allow people to save money and still enjoy the process.

You could do some research, and find out that making a coffee scented candle can be a very involved process. You'll need to make the coffee liqueur first, and then you need to figure out what type of wax to use.

In order to do this as efficiently as possible, you should make your own coffee-scented candles.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Choose a holder for your candle then set it aside. A metal or tin coffee mug will be a nice touch, but you can use other items too, such as tin cans, mason jars, or glass.  Once you have chosen your candle holder, wash it with soap and water, then dry it off with a towel. 

Step 2:  The easiest way to do this is to simply measure the wax and heat in a double boiler. Heat until completely melted, stirring often. 

Step 3: Add a tablespoon of coffee ground and a few drops of vanilla essential oil (any fragrance will do) to the candle wax. Stir and cook the wax for 2 to 3 more minutes. This will give the coffee time to infuse the wax with its fragrance and color. Watch the temperature on the thermometer during this time. 

Step 4: Place a candle wick into the coffee mug and use a wick holder to keep it in place. 

Step 5:  Put on the heatproof glove and fill the mug with the melted candle wax. Add a light layer of coffee and then add the rest of the wax.  While wax is still wet, add the rest of the coffee and lightly stir coating the coffee in the wax. Make sure beans are not too close to the wick or they will burn when lit! 

You can reheat the remaining wax. Most candles develop a small well in the center as they cool. Reheat the remaining quarter of wax using a double-boiler, just as before.

You do not need to add more coffee or essential oil to it. If you did not get a well in the middle of your candle, you can use this wax to fill your candle holder the rest of the way. 

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