Why Do You Light A Candle When Someone Dies?

Updated on December 11, 2022

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When Someone Dies, Why Do You Light A Candle?

Why do you light a candle at funerals or memorial services? Is it because you want to honor the deceased person? For religious practices? Or maybe you believe that lighting candles bring good luck?

Lighting a candle is a simple gesture that conveys a message of love and respect. 

The tradition of lighting a candle during a funeral service dates back hundreds of years. In ancient times, candles were often lit to symbolize the passing of time and life. Today, they are also used to express sympathy and support.

The Meaning Of Lighting A Memorial Candle For The Dead According To Different Faiths

There are many reasons why we light candles at funerals. Some believe that doing so helps the deceased find his/her way to heaven. Others think that it brings comfort to those left behind. Still, others believe that it creates a link between the living and the dead. Whatever the reason may be, there are many different meanings associated with lighting a memorial candle for the dead according to different faith groups.

Some religions don't have specific rituals associated with lighting a memorial flame. However, most religions recognize the importance of remembering the lives of those who have passed away.


During the observation of Yahrtzeit, there's the lighting of a symbolic candle. These candies are lit in the evening on the day of the death anniversary. Family members might say a special prayer or share memories. However, this isn't required. All that matters is that the family reflects on the memory of the dead person or shares memories.


You'll find out why it's common practice among Protestants and why you shouldn't feel guilty about doing it.

You may think that lighting a candle at a funeral isn't very meaningful, but it means a lot to those who attend. The candle-lighting traditions show respect for the deceased and honor his/her memory. It's a way to focus on a symbol of Christ and pay tribute to a loved one who died.

Lighting a candle doesn't carry any special powers. But it's a way to honor the dead and remember them. It's a tradition that dates back centuries and is practiced by most Christians today.


While you don't need to burn a candle when praying, lighting one does bring you closer to God. During All Saints' Day, families light candles and remember the dead. This helps shorten the distance between Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory.

Lighting a candle is a traditional Catholic practice that dates back thousands of years. It was originally used to remind Christians of the life of Jesus, but now it's used to strengthen prayers.

While you don't need to pray at funerals, it's still a tradition that goes back thousands of centuries. Lighting a candle helps bring followers closer to Christ, and it reminds us of the life he lived.

Catholics believe that there is life after death. They also believe that those who die without receiving the sacraments of baptism, communion, confession, and extreme unction are not guaranteed eternal salvation. Catholics believe that the soul goes through a process called Purgation. During this process, the soul cleanses itself of sin. Afterward, the soul enters Heaven or Hell depending on whether or not it was worthy enough to enter Heaven.

Catholics also celebrate a day known as All Saints Day. On this day, families remember the saints who died during the year. Families light candles and pray for their departed loved ones. This tradition is meant to shorten the distance between Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory.


Wiccans use candles as a way to honor the dead. Candles are lit during ceremonies and used to symbolize the life force. White candles are used to represent the spirit world, while red candles are used to represent blood sacrifice.

Wiccans believe in natural magical powers, so using candles to enhance one's spirituality makes sense. You can use candles to connect with the spirits of those who have passed away and to strengthen your connection to nature.

Candles are also used in Wicca rituals. During rituals, candles are placed at altars to harness natural energy. White candles are used for healing purposes, while red candles are burned to signify blood sacrifice.

Use candles to honor the spirits of those who've passed away and to strengthen connections to nature!


You may not realize it, but there's a lot of symbolism behind lighting a candle. Buddhists believe that candles symbolize the light of Buddha's teaching. They meditate in from of lit rows of candles. This process is called a "candle meditation". They're used to remind us of our beliefs and encourage us to live according to those beliefs.

As you focus on the visual aspect of the flame, it becomes easier to reflect on your thoughts and ideas. The outside world disappears, and this is the ideal way to reminisce about someone who has passed away and think about the person's legacy.

Lighting a candle is a powerful way to honor someone who has passed away, and it's a great way to reflect on your beliefs and encourage yourself to live according to those values.

How Do You Light A Memorial Candle For Someone Who Has Passed Away?

There are tons of options when it comes to light a memorial candle. Choose the right type for your needs and enjoy the ritual!

You may not realize it, but there are several different types of candles available today. There are votive candles, pillar candles, taper candles, tea lights, and more. Each type of candle has its unique benefits, so you'll want to pick the right kind for your situation.

1. Find A Candle

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to buying a candle. You can buy a pre-made candle at any store, or you can make your own. Either way, you'll want to pick a candle that fits your needs.

Religious candles are available at most stores, including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and others. You can purchase votives or yahrzeit candles, which are used during funerals. Votive candles are usually made of glass, whereas yahrzeit candies are typically made of wax.

White candles are another option. You can either buy a white votive candle or make your own. White votives are great for memorials since they look clean and simple. However, if you'd prefer a scented candle, you can easily add fragrance to a white votive.

Flameless candles are ideal for places where the fire isn't allowed. They work well indoors or outdoors, and they won't burn down anything. You can buy a flameless candle online or at local retailers.

Choose a candle that matches your needs and preferences. Remember, you can always change your mind later if you decide you want to use a different kind of candle.

2. Make Use Of Photos Or Other Mementos

You may not realize it, but there are lots of ways to memorialize someone after they've passed away. You can create a small tribute to their life using photos, mementos, and other memorabilia. A simple photo album or online tribute site can be a great way to keep their memory alive.

Creating a small tribute to their death keeps them at the forefront of your mind. By doing this, you'll be able to reflect on them clearly and think about them without distraction.

Keep a selection of photos, memories, and other mementos in a small box, book, or online tribute page. These items will remind you of the person every day.

3. Read A Poem Or Prayer

This is a great idea if you want to honor a loved one who passed away. It's a nice way to remember them without feeling guilty or sad. You can either write down a poem or pray, or simply let yourself think about them. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you keep it simple and natural. Don't try to force yourself to cry or feel bad. Instead, focus on remembering the person and honoring their memory.

You may find that reading a poem or reciting a prayer helps you to process your feelings. It's a nice alternative to crying or being sad. Try writing down a poem or praying for your loved one. Then, burn the paper or bury the ashes in a place where you'll visit later.

There are no rules for what to think about or say when you light a candle. However, there are a lot of interesting ideas out there. Some people like to meditate, others like to recite a poem or prayer, and still, others like to think about the person. Do whatever feels right for you.

16 Memorial Candle Ideas

Memorial candles are great ways to honor deceased family members. You can light a memorial candle in memory of anyone who has died, whether it was recently or years ago. There are several reasons why memorial candles are a wonderful idea.

1. Send A Candle As A Sympathy Gift.

There are several reasons why sending a candle as a sympathy gift is a wonderful idea. First, it shows your loved ones that you care. Second, it helps bring comfort to those grieving. Third, it reminds them of happier times spent together. Fourth, it gives them a sense of peace and calm. Fifth, it creates a beautiful atmosphere in the room where the person died. Sixth, it makes them feel special. Seventh, it allows them to remember the deceased. Eighth, it brings joy to the living. Ninth, it keeps the memory alive. Tenth, it provides a lasting reminder of the departed. Lastly, it's a thoughtful way to say thank you.

Sending a candle as a sympathy presents is a wonderful way to express your condolences. It's a simple gesture that says you care and means a lot to the recipient.

2. Light A Candle At The Funeral.

Funeral candles are traditionally white. White symbolizes purity and represents a pure soul. You may also wish to consider using a color that represents the deceased. For instance, if you knew someone was going through a difficult time, you might choose a red candle instead of a traditional white candle. Red symbolizes passion and strength.

You may also wish to include a small photo of the deceased in your funeral candle arrangement. Photos are a great way to remind family members of the person who has passed away.

A funeral candle is a beautiful way to remember a loved one who has passed away. Choose a color that represents the departed individual and add a photo of the deceased to keep his/her spirit alive!"

Funeral candles are commonly white; white symbolizes purity and represents the soul of the person who has died.

3. Purchase A Personalized Memorial Candle.

There are several reasons why you might purchase a personalized memorial candle. One reason is to honor the memory of a loved one who passed away. Another reason is to create a lasting tribute to the person who died. And finally, you could buy a candle just because you love candles. Whatever your reason, purchasing a personalized memorial candle is a thoughtful gesture that shows respect for the deceased.

To choose the perfect candle for your situation, consider the following questions:

After considering all of these factors, you'll be able to select the perfect candle for your needs.

4. Light A Candle In Memory And Pray.

Lighting a candle is a common tradition during funerals. While it's usually done to honor the deceased, it's also meant to symbolize hope for the future. When someone passes away, it's natural to feel sad and depressed. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, try lighting a candle and praying for strength and peace.

It's easy to forget that life goes on after someone passes away, and it's important to remember that. As much as you might miss your loved one, it's equally important to focus on moving forward and living your own life.

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