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How To Make A Book Scented Candle? – Find Out Here

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How To Make A Book Scented Candle?

Our Guide To Making Book Scented Candles At Home

Sometimes the little things in life make us happy, one of them for many of us is the smell of a new book, often a relaxing scent which digital e-books just don’t equal too, but have you ever heard of book-scented candles?

Our Guide To Making Book Scented Candles At Home

To achieve that musky aged paper scent in a candle you need to gather some fragrance oils which have a similar smell and combine them such as lavender, cedarwood or vanilla.

We have put together a guide below which will take you through what a book-scented candle smells like, some fragrance oils you can combine to get a book scent and how to make your own scented candle at home. 

What Do Book-Scented Candles Smell Like? 

An old book scent can be a difficult scent to describe, most people think of old paper or a woody and musty smell when thinking about paper books. 

In book-scented candles you want to achieve almost a musty smell that is somewhat relaxing, this can mean different individual candle scents to different people, for example, some people might combine vanilla and wood scents while others might find florals to be more relaxing.

Fragrance Oils Which Smell Like Books 

In order to create a great book smell you need to combine different fragrance oils, a book smell will unlikely be achieved by a single fragrance. 

Essential oils are not to use in this kind of candle, you should use synthetic fragrances instead.

We’ve listed some fragrance you can combine to get that old book scent below.

  • Lavender. 
  • Redwood.
  • Chamomile. 
  • Honeysuckle.
  • Lilac.
  • Cedarwood. 
  • Vanilla.

How To Make Your Own Scented Book Smelling Candle 

Buying book-scented candles are not always easy, many candle labels state to smell like books but don’t, you can take some candle inspiration however by looking at the scents of book-scented candles use and making your own!


  • Candle wax (opt for soy or beeswax for a more natural candle).
  • Double boiler. 
  • Wick centering device.
  • Candle wick.
  • Candle jars.
  • Fragrance oils.
How To Make Your Own Scented Book Smelling Candle 


  1. Start by prepping your candle vessels or jar by cleaning them out and centering the wick in the middle. 
  2. Next measure out your wax, you can simply measure the wax you need for your candle by pouring the flakes into a jar till they reach the top.
  3. Now melt your wax for your batches of candles in a double boiler, once your wax has melted now add your drops of fragrance oil between 10-20, this could be a mix of the fragrance oils we mentioned above.
  4. Make sure your wick is centered in the middle then pour in the candle wax till it reaches the top. 
  5. Now allow the 16-ounce candle to set overnight, trim the wick, light and enjoy your book-scented candle!

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Tips For Making A Scented Candle 

If it’s your first time making a scented candle, we’ve got some great tips for making your scented candle below. 

  • Go easy on the fragrance – You might assume a lot of fragrance will make your book candle smell better, but this is not true.
  • Use a blow dryer – If your candle turns out uneven with lumps and bumps then don’t be upset! You can just use a hairdryer to heat and even out the top layer of candle.
  • Take down notes – Don’t be disappointed if your candle doesn’t turn out in the way you want, take down notes about how you did it and how many drops of fragrance you put in so that you can adjust each time. 
  • Understand different wax types – There are four main wax types; paraffin wax, beeswax, soy wax and coconut wax blends. Paraffin wax tends to be cheaper to work with but releases when chemicals are burned while soy wax is a more natural alternative. Beeswax is also natural but can be expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Book Scent

How do I make seasonal candles which are book scented?

If you want to make seasonal candles which are book scented we recommend adding some festive smells such as cranberry fragrance or allspice for fall in addition to your book musky smells.

Why is my scented candle not smelling?

If your scented candle is not smelling then there might be a few reasons why, one could be that you didn’t add enough fragrance and another reason could be that you’re burning the candle in a very large room.

How do I stop books from smelling so much?

If your books are smelling too musty, simply put the book in a box with a cup of baking soda and allow it to absorb the scent.

Why do books smell so nice?

Books to some people can smell nice since people associate the musty paper smell with relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Book Scent

Last Words

To conclude, book scented candles are great to have at home if you want to create a relaxing scented candle which can help you focus. In order to make a book scented candle, you need to combine certain fragrance oils and combine them with melted wax.

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