How To Make A Bleach Scented Candle? Are They Safe?

Updated on May 31, 2021

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Everything You Need To Know About Bleach Scented Candles

Bleach scented candles have been taking the internet by a storm, people are creating scented candles which are mixed with bleach in order to give a 'clean' fragrance to their home.

These bleach candles are made by mixing bleach into paraffin wax of candles, however, are not classed as being safe anymore due to the chemicals emitted through the fragrance through burning which shouldn't be inhaled for long periods of time.

To get around this, people are now making candles which have essential oils close to the fragrance of bleach such as lemon oil, pine oil and camphoraceous herbs.

In our guide below we will show you how to make a bleach scented candle with the oils above and how to make a soap candle also to make your home clean.

How To Make a Bleach Scented Candle

First off, let's start with how to make your own bleach scented candle at home, this would be great to light in bathrooms or anywhere you want to smell 'fresh' in the house, they also work great for eliminating and masking any nasty odours.

What You Need


How To Make a Soap Candle

Now we know how to make a bleach scented candle, you might also be interested in how to make a soap candle if your after a fresh smelling home.

We've listed the details and method below.

What You Need


Are Bleach Scented Candles Safe?

Bleach scented candles are safe as they mix artificial bleach scents in with the wax in order to create a bleach scent, uncommon candles actually contain bleach, these are not so safe due to the chemicals they give off once burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bleach Scented Candles

Is paraffin wax safe?

Paraffin wax is very cheap but is no longer considered safe due to the chemicals it gives off while being burnt, these are dangerous to inhale for long periods of time. Beeswax and soyu wax are safer alternatives.

What are some good bleach scents for candles?

Some great bleach scents to try are pine and lemon as these are most commonly found in household bleach.

How do I make a candle without soy wax?

Use beeswax instead, this might give a slightly different scent and burn but is the best alternative natural wax on the market.

Final Words

Overall, bleach scented candles can be made with artificial fragrance oils or essential oils that smell like bleach, it is not recommended to make actual candles with bleach inside of the wax as they will give off chemical gases once lit.

You can always try making our soap candles above too if you after a great bathroom scented candle to impress guests!

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