These days, you can buy a variety of scented candles from the local store, but they are mostly made with synthetic fragrances and are very expensive.

What if you could make your own scented candles from fruit like apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, or any other fruit that can be found around the house?

If you are looking for an easy way to make your room smell good without having to spend loads of money with wax or scented candles, fruit scented oil is the answer. It’s fruity, delicious and much cheaper than candles.

You can even make fruit scented oil yourself by adding essential oils to a base oil such as sunflower, canola or vegetable.

All of the supplies are easy to find and the process is simple. And you can make these in just a few hours!

What is fruit scented candles?

  • Fruit scented candles are candles that are made out of a wax. They are usually scented with a fruit scent. There are many different scents you can find that smell like fruit.
  • Fruit scented wax is amazing stuff. You are able to feed your candle scents with real fruit, yet have it smell like sweet candy to the audience.
  • Fruit scented candles has become a trend in the recent years, and you would be surprised to find out that it can be found in your favorite shops and online stores.
  • These candles are made by using real fruit in the wick which then gives out that delicious scent when lit. This is a great idea because it’s so much more natural then other types of candles.
  • You can even use dried fruit in these candles and the smell will be so much better.

Materials needed

To make your own fruit scented candles, you will need a few things:

  • Fruits ( like apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, or any other fruit)
  • Wax (paraffin wax or soy wax)
  • Fragrance oils can be added
  • Paraffin wax warmer
  • Double boiler
  • Wicks
  • Mold
  • Heat resistant containers
  • Glass jars with lids – any type of jar will do, but it needs to be fairly large and deep, and you’ll want to use a new one, not a one you’ve used before.


There are a number of different methods of making scented candles:

Step 1:  Slice the fruits and dry them .

Step 2:  Mix paraffin wax and fragrance oils in a heat resistant container.

Step 3: Then turn up the heat using boiler. Mix it slowly until melted.

Step 4: Put dried fruits in a mold then.

Step 5: Pour melted wax into mold (where you put the dried fruits) and let it cool.

Can you put fresh fruit in candles?

You can actually use fruit in candles! It’s true! All you need is a fruit, some beeswax, a candle burner, and a drier. 

Fresh fruit and floral scents are popular when it comes to candles, and you can’t go wrong with your garden orchard or fruit stand when it comes to choosing a candle, but there’s a reason why fresh fruit is a popular choice.

What happens when fruit candles are introduced to the humid air of your home? The outcome is a perfectly fruity-smelling, fragrant atmosphere.

And if you really want to get creative, you can use fresh fruits that have different scents. What better way to do so than making fruit scented candles that will smell as good as the real thing.

 It’s not the quality of the wax that makes the difference, it’s the way the candle is burned. And the more a candle is burned in a natural state, the better its scent.

What types of wax to use?

Making candles is lots of fun, but it can be a pretty difficult process. The hardest part is choosing what kind of wax to use.

The wrong type of wax or the wrong color can make your candle smell funny. This is especially true for fruit scented candles. It’s important to choose a wax that will release the scent of whatever you are burning.

Many waxes release a scent, but don’t have the right consistency to make a candle. Here are a few tips on choosing the right wax.

Here are five types of wax:

Soy wax

  • Soy wax is a medium-yield substitute for petroleum-based heating oils that is used for a wide variety of applications, including hot plate heater bases, candle wicks, in doll’s heads.
  • And it has a smell and appearance similar to paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax

  • It is a medium-yield substitute for petroleum-based heating oils that is used for a wide variety of applications, including hot plate heater bases, candle wicks, in doll’s heads, and as a replacement for cooking oils in low-fat cooking.
  • It is also the main ingredient used to create a burning candle


  • Beeswax is the wax collected from honeybee colonies, and it is what gives beeswax candles their rich, golden glow.
  • Beeswax candles are typically handmade using a potting of beeswax and a wick of cotton, which can vary in size from a dime to a half-dollar. 

Microcrystalline wax

  • Microcrystalline wax is a material that is meant to be used with candles.
  • It is made from a variety of materials, but it is most commonly made from carbon, paraffin wax, and other additives.
  • Microcrystalline wax must be melted in order to create a candle, and it is commonly used in candles that have a softer scent.
  • They are composed of hydrocarbons which are harder than paraffin and are mainly used as a canning wax.

5. Microcrystalline wax blend

  • Microcrystalline wax blend are also known as microcrystalline wax, or simply as microcrystal wax. These natural wax blends are made from a combination of different types of waxes.
  • They are predominantly of plant origin and include a resinous or polymer-like part arising from the sap of plants.
  • The most common plant waxes used in the production of microcrystalline waxes are Melaleuca alternifolia, Triticum, Ceratonia, and cotton waxes. Other plant waxes used include those from coconut, palm, and other sources.

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