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Updated on June 13, 2021

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Our Guide To Making A Pine Scented Candle

There's nothing quite like a pine scented air freshener or candle, they give a lovely fresh smell to your house and the scent of pine can also help to mask other bad odors.

Making a pine scented candle is more simple than you think, all you need is an appropriate candle container, pine scented fragrance and some wax flakes for the job. 

How To Make A Pine Scented Candle?

We've composed a short guide below which will take you through the benefits of making a pine scented candle, how to make your pine scented candle as well as a few tips and tricks to get the best result.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Your Own Pine Scented Candle?

Making pine scented candles is a great craft to do at home, there are also many advantages to making your candle which you might not have considered. 

We've listed some benefits to making your own candle down below. 

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Our Step By Step Guide To Making A Pine Scented Candle 

Homemade candles are simple to make as long as you have everything you need on hand, like some candle wicks and a candle tin. 

To help you out, we've put together a guide below. 


How To

  1. Start by melting 10 cups of soy wax chips in a large pot, remove from the heat once fully melted then allow to cool for a few minutes. 
  2. Add in your pine scented drops, the amount of drops you want to put depends on how strong you want the candle to be. Divide the melted wax between two bowls.
  3. Add your green dye drops to one of the heatproof bowls. 
  4. Place the wick at the bottom of your candle jar and fasten it with some glue, you can wrap the wick around a piece of twig or a pencil to keep it in the centre and place.
  5. Alternate layers of white and green wax, allowing a few minutes for the white wax to set in between.
  6. Let the candle sit for a day before lighting.

Tips For Making A Pine Scented Candle 

If you're a beginner, making handmade candles can be overwhelming, we've listed our best tips for making a green pine candle down below. 

How To Make A Pine Scented Candle?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Pine Scented Candle

Can I put pine cones into candles?

You can't put pine cones into candles, but you can use them as candle holders for a unique look.

What heat should I melt soy wax too? 

Soy wax should be melted to 130-200F, try not to overheat your wax otherwise, it can discolour, use a candle thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.

What should I use as a candle container? 

Tea cups, heat-safe glass wear and jelly jars are all great to use as candle containers and are safe for hot candle wax.

Last Words 

To conclude, making a pine scented candle is straightforward, all you will need is some soy wax chips, pine scented fragrance oil, a wick and a candle container. Make sure to experiment with fragrance so you can get the strength of the candle you want. 

How To Make A Pine Scented Candle?

For candle dye, you can use special candle tints or broken-up crayons and melt them into the wax.

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