Is It Safe To Put Dried Flower Inside Candles? Find Out Here!

Updated on September 27, 2022

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Is It Safe To Put Dried Flower Inside Candles?

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Who said that flowers could wither away into just being well composed? You can turn them into heavenly dried floral candles. Dried Flower Homemade Candles are one of the best ideas for decorating your home or garden. You can make a beautiful arrangement with these lovely dried flower candles and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in any room. They’re also great gifts for people who celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc.

Procedure for making dried flower scented candle

How to Make a Candle with Dried Flowers DIY | Bouqs Blog


How to Make Gorgeous Dried Flower Candles

Step 1:

To start, put some hot water into a pan or pot. Then, place the dried flower bowl onto the water’s surfacer. Make sure not to submerge the bowl completely. Let the bowl sit for a few minutes until the wax melts. Once melted, carefully remove the bowl from the water and let it cool down.

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Step 2:

It’s a good practice to clean the jar well before adding the beeswax material and floral arrangements, especially if you use a transparent jar, so there aren’t any marks left behind from the beeswax material. You can also attach the petal pieces to the glass. When you’re almost done adding the beeswax materials and floral arrangements, add some of the flower parts you want to keep visible. At this point, it is unimportant how evenly the flowers are scattered, as more can be added to the arrangement gradually by melting wax and pouring it into the jar.

Step 3:

When pouring the melted wax onto the flower containers, stop when the wax reaches the bottom of the containers. Then add more flowers until the containers are full. Finally, using the skewers, push them down, so the flowers stay put.

Step 4:

The wicks in the beautiful candles should be ready to go into the jars when they’re cool enough to handle. When you add essential oils, let them sit for a few minutes before lighting the wicks. For stronger scents, use less than 10% of the recommended dosage; for weaker ones, use more. A quick swirl is needed before dropping the wick into the liquid. If you want an even burn from your botanical candle, maintain it centred.

Step 5:

You can use a pencil over the top of the lid opening to ensure the wick is centred and the correct amount of wax has been added once you’ve measured it to the bottom of the container. You can prevent the pencil from becoming too wet if you wrap an additional piece of the wick around it.

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Step 6:

Once everything has been placed, please wait until the wax has hardened completely before removing it from the mould. It may take up until 24hrs for this to happen, so be patient. Rushing the process increases the risk of the flowers or wick falling over. The candles must be allowed to harden before any extra embellishments can be added fully.

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Frequently asked questions


Do dried flowers keep their scent?

It is normal for dried flowers and preserved flowers to be odourless. When the flowers are packaged, however, extra moisture can collect if they have not been adequately dried out or maintained, resulting in an unpleasant odour if the flowers are opened and smelled.

Will dried flowers mould?

You should never sit in them, nor should you spray them with any liquid. Mould can begin to grow on them if they are allowed to become wet or moist for an extended period. For the same reason, you should take care not to place them in an environment that has a chance of becoming damp.

What do dried flowers symbolize?

A withered flower can represent the numerous brief moments that make up our lives and remind us of the insight and significance behind each one. When you buy flowers in the future or are the recipient of flowers, I want to encourage you to give some thought to the priceless beauty these flowers can possess, even after they have passed away.

Are preserved flowers toxic?

Yes! All of our preserved flowers begin as beautiful, fresh blooms. To keep the flowers looking and feeling as fresh as possible, they are preserved using only non-toxic chemicals suitable for use in cosmetics. The beauty of preserved flowers can be enjoyed for a year without worrying about wilting.

Can I use these flowers for making scented candles?

Yes. It is not against the law, and a crystal candle that is created in this manner using crystals and dried flowers is just as safe as any other type of candle.

How do you make dried flowers last forever?

To prevent the flowers from fading, store them away from direct sunshine. A heat vent should never come into contact with dried flowers. A feather duster can be used to dust the dried flowers as needed. When not used, dried flowers should be kept in a box away from dry heat and other dry heat sources.

Is it good to keep dried flowers at home?

Dry flowers are a source of negativity and should never be kept in any environment, including the home and the workplace. To keep the positive energy flow going, you should replace them with new flowers. If everything in the house is kept according to the guidelines in the Vastu shastra, it will provide prosperity and serenity to the household.

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